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Into Star Wars? Into Ralph McQuarrie? Well you might just be into this.

Dreams and Visions Press are currently in the process or crowdfunding a coffee table style book of the artist's non Star Wars work, to follow up on their Art of Ralph McQuarrie from 2007. The project currently sits at 35,000 of the necessary 50,000 goal and, with 17 days to go (at time of writing), they need your help to push it over.

A nice mock-up design
A nice mock-up design

Donors will receive gifts depending on their contribution, as is usually the case. These will include signed photos, signed bookplates, rare posters, dinner, wood-framed portfolios, and more. Plus, Dreams and Visions Press has more rare books they’ve published as part of the rewards, including the Japanese text version of The Star Wars Art of Ralph McQuarrie.

Head over to the site to help fund this project and check out some sneak peaks of what's on offer below:

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