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Harrison ford getting injured is never going to have been a good thing - either for him or the Star Wars franchise. Could it yet end up being an unexpected boon for one of his co-stars, though?

Page Six are reporting that Oscar Isaac is set to have his role substantially increased in Star Wars Episode VII as a result of Ford's injury - increasing speculation that his part is set to be of a distinctly 'Han and Leia's son' variety.

The only problem? Disney have already responded - and in no uncertain terms - revealing that: “This is categorically not true.”

This, though, could be as revealing as the initial rumor. Does it mean that Isaac couldn't replace Ford in any scenes - because he's on the other side of the conflict?

Either that, or they're just pretty sure that Ford's absence won't impact upon the film in the slightest. Seeing as Han Solo is pretty much the coolest guy in the galaxy - maybe lets all hope for that being the actual outcome.

[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) is set for release December 18, 2015. And will hopefully be awesome, no matter who's the lead role...


What do you guys think? Will Oscar Isaac's role be expanded to fill in for Ford?

via Page Six


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