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If you clicked on this story thinking that you might be seeing more of The Dude's bowling, driving around, and occasionally acid flash-backing, then you might be disappointed. Sadly, Joel and Ethan Coen are not intersted in the idea of bringing back Jeff Bridges in his most iconic movie role ever. If, however, you have a penchant for all things sleaze, then this news should make you smile: John Turturro is rallying bring back "the Jesus" for a new, Big Lebowski spin-off flick.

Turturro, who played pervy "pedarest" Jesus Quintana in the cult classic, shared his hopes with the crowd during a masterclass at the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily on Saturday. The actor, who's Jesus Quintana was described by John Goodman's less-than-tolerant Walter Sobchak as "a sex offender with a record", revealed that:

If I can get the permission I need, I’d like to return to the role.

And Turturro has been into the idea for a while, too, with Ethan Coen commenting last year that:

He talks incessantly about it... He even has the story worked out, which he's pitched to us a few times, but I can't really remember it. I don't see it in our future.

Given the huge amount of culture that was inspired by the The Big Lebowski (c'mon, you can't honestly tell me you always used to drink White Russians...), we can only dream what would come of a Jesus Quintana standalone spin-off.

Lebowski is one of my all-time favorites because it's a classic detective movie with an atypical protagonist that injects off-the-wall, oddball absurdity. My question for a Turturro-lead spin-off movie is this: what genre would it be parodying? Prison movies? And, even within the realm of black comedy, how viable is it to have a lead who is "a sex offender with a record?"

If only rationally, I'm skeptical - but more than willing to be proved wrong.


Do YOU think a Jesus-lead Big Lebowski spin-off could work?

(Source: Empire, THR)


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