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After a month of rumors and gossip circling the horror community, metal music singer, Rob Zombie finally spilled some news on his newest horror picture, 31. Radio Metal got to ask Zombie a few questions on the topic, and now we at least have an idea of what this movie is! Zombie didn't discuss everything, and there's still a lot left to be answered, but he did debunk some rumors.

Zombie revealed that the movie is titled 31 is simply because it takes place on Halloween. And, it has nothing to do with any of his previous films. When asked about it being a possible tie-in to The Devil's Rejects or House of 1000 Corpses, he had this to say:

“No, it’s totally different. All I can tell you is that it’s a completely original idea, it’s something new. It’s not based on anything. I’ll start shooting the movie in the fall. So hopefully starting from October, I’ll start shooting it. For right now, I’m going to keep the details secret. But it’s not based on anything.”

Due to the clown mask on the teaser poster, a lot of people were speculating that this were a Captain Spaulding prequel, or had some sort of relevance to the character. When asked about it, Rob Zombie uncloaked those rumors.

“Well, he doesn’t really look like him, I think. There’s a clown thing in the movie, but it has nothing to do with Captain Spaulding. And what is in the movie doesn’t look like Captain Spaulding either, maybe the people think the poster does but the movie won’t.”

There's still a lot of plot details left out, but we can all understand the nee to not give too much away to soon. Rob Zombie has become a very marketable name when it comes to directing horror films, so much so that I'd be willing to bet that there's many fans out there now who would already buy tickets to see 31. I personally, find him to be a hit-or-miss director. I've been disappointed more than once by his films, but, we all know what he's capable of. We'll just have to wait and see where this all goes.

For those of you who still haven't seen the 31 teaser trailer yet, here it is:

How do you feel about 31 now that you know it has nothing to do with his previous films?



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