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We're at it again.

It was a great deal of fun (for us at least) casting Disney's princesses last week so with Maleficent still fresh in our minds we though we'd take a punt at the villains too.

Angelina Jolie just owned the Sleeping Beauty anti-hero; Cate Blanchett is a lock for Cinderella's Lady Tremaine and Charlize Theron already showed us Snow White's evil queen so lets try our hand at the rest.

We've chosen to leave out animals and all that but if a live action Lion King were in the works, no doubt we'd be giving Jeremy Irons a call. Keen eyed viewers will spot one entrant who's longer with us but hey- whaddya gonna do?- it's Friday!

Hugh Jackman as...


The affable Aussie can sing & dance and he's got the look down to a tee. The age gap could prove problematic although that hasn't exactly been an issue in movieland before.

Peter Cushing as...

Claude Frollo

Witchcraft indeed...

Meryl Streep as...

Cruella de Vil

Glenn Close did it once to reasonable success but Streep, as she does with everything, would fit effortlessly into the role. With The Devil Wears Prada she arguably already did.

Javier Bardem as...

Captain Hook

Bardem can do maniacal; he can also do camp; and he can even do terrible haircuts too.

James Woods as...


Nailed it once.

He'd nail it again.

Sacha Baron Cohen as...


Excuse the rampant non-PCness of it all, but is there anyone else with the height, frame and vocal pomp? We, at the very least, don't think so.

Ciarán Hinds as...

John Ratcliffe

A shoe-in, if ever there was one, for the fine Belfast thesp.

And hey, why not give Adele a shot at...


The Skyfall belting Londoner would definitely be something as the underwater Diva, although we're not quite sure what that something would be. She hasn't done any acting thus far but the songs, at least, would be stunning.

Any of these look way off the mark? Can you guys do better? Give us some more suggestions in the comments below.


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