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For decades now there have been comic movie adaptations. Some of which in the past have helped shape the movie industry and left their mark for good, others for bad. However the pros far outweigh the cons and whether you like comic book movies and shows or not there is no denying they are taking over both big and small screens because large numbers of people around the globe are thoroughly enjoying superhero/comic based stories in the form of films and television shows.

Many people may think that it can't get any better. However this is just the tip of the iceberg. Unlike other genres of movies and TV shows which have swept in and swept out, comic book based shows and films are here to stay for a long time if the current standard is kept up and exceeded (which it will be). This is because unlike other genres such as the good old Greek mythology movies (which is now becoming a less popular genre), there is so many different possibilities, characters, and stories to explore. There are so many different settings and types of comic book movies that they cover all genres so unlike other sorts of movies such as Greek mythology, it will be hard to run out of ideas and thus hard for comic movies to loose attraction. The reason movies such as Greek mythological films for instance, only have popularity for a short period of time is because the boundaries can be quite restricting on time setting etc. there have been countless Hercules movies made for instance and yes although the concept is great, the overall idea is the same time and time again and that gets boring. This isn't the case for superhero movies and shows.

There are a few reasons why this is only the tip of the iceberg. One of the main ones is CGI and special effects. Even since Smallville, in the past four years special effects have soared through the roof, especially in television. This is a major step forward and this improvement will only continue and at a faster and faster rate. This improvement also means special effects are now able to be done on a good budget, quickly, and at a good quality. Within 7-10 years this will be even better. The rapid development in graphics and special effects is evident in video games, only 8 years ago, the graphics you now have on your average ipad game were the leading graphics on a play station. The same applies for movies and tv shows so just imagine where it will be in the near future. This may sound off on a tangent but the point is that over the next few years, there will be more opportunities for comic book shows with the need for high amounts of special effects to be produced on the small screen and at a high quality. The reason there is such a focus here on television adaptions compared to movies is because there is a trend starting to occur. Yes everybody loves the big 2 and a half hour superhero movie. However these only come out once every 2 years for one single character eg: captain America or Spider-Man and that's at the quickest the can be produced. There is an ever growing trend as technology gets better and better to move to the small screen as fans get a hit of their favorite characters week in week out for a good portion of the year and a around 10 to 14hrs of their favorite character compared to 2 and a half hours once every two years. The reason television adaptions for comic books are the way to go is because it upholds the tradition and way of how comic book story's should be told, like the comics, a new issue or episode comes out every week unlike films. YES there is a place for films but all in all television is a force when it comes to comic book based shows and will continue to grow as technology gets better and better.

Another reason television adaptions of comic books stories are becoming more popular is because unlike big time actors in films, many of the smaller time actors which appear on television shows are willing to stick on the show and pursue their lead role as that character for much longer. Just look at Smallville and Supernatural. Robert Downey Jr has probably appeared in around 8-10hrs of film in the role of Tony Stark/ Iron Man, while Jensen Ackles has appeared in over 250 hours of Supernatural as Dean Winchester. Also the characters on the small screen are developed a lot more and that's what makes a really good character. Yes on the small screen you don't have the Downey Jr's or the Samuel L Jackson's who have the ability to make a character have a lot of depth in a small period of time, however, you have committed and loving actors who are still extremely good and believable such as Stephen Amell on the small screen who create very in depth and meaningful characters. Not only that but they tent to stick around of a lot longer and want to play that character for a lot longer. If Arrow was to last for multiple seasons I think everyone who watches it would be much more satisfied with countless hours of Stephen Amell as Arrow/Oliver Queen and would be fulfilled. Unlike how we feel a lot of the time about movies when we have around 3 or 4 films such as Iron Man and we finish watching them with this empty feeling of "that's it... that's all???". People can immerse themselves much more in a television series than in a film.

With all this in mind let's turn to DC and it's future cinematic/tv universe. The world is currently divided on whether or not DC should have it's TV and Cinematic universes be one. With all that has been discussed above I believe the answer is clearly yes it should be one large universe. DC has 5 years of watching from the sidelines to see where marvel has made errors (not that they have made many). What's more it has allowed DC to see what they can do better. Yes having everything make sense with one another and there being continuity can be hard but IT IS ACHIEVABLE. One major talking point of late has been the Flash show and whether it should link in with the Flash and Green Lantern team up movie in a few years time. YES it should. A character like the flash has the ability to time travel and change history and events that have occurred. It can therefore be quite easy to work things in. Also let's take for example the ending of the pilot episode (SPOILERS ALERT). Being realistic, a Crisis on Infinite Earth could not happen on a television show with all of those big name actors such as Affleck and Cavill needing to make appearances and the excessive amounts of CGI. That amount of CGI even with advances in technology, isn't achievable on a small budget in 3-4 years time. However if the flash show was to link in with the green lantern and flash team up movie, what's to say that the Crisis story can't work in with a Flash and Green Lantern Team up and then continue on as a longer story into a second Justice League movie (if that makes sense). Then obviously post movie Flash would return to Central City in the show, the events of the movies can be referenced if need be as a cool touch, and the show can continue on as normal.

There is so many other reasons why both DC's television and cinematic universes should be one but overall the main point is that MARVEL has done it and it is one of the things they have done exceptionally well. Everyone loves continuity. And many people out there did not like man if steel as much as others because they were so in love with the television actor who portrayed Clarke Kent. So imagine what would happen if DC cast a new person to play Flash for a film and there wasn't continuity. It could really turn a lot of people of some of DC's films or shows. People say that there needs to be high quality actors like Samuel L Jackson as a movie lead for the film to be good but that isn't true. So long as the acting is believable (which actors such as Stephen Amell are) then there is no issue. After all it is quite evident that no matter how many amazing actors are in a film, if the script and everything else isn't right then it will suck. The alone Ranger is a perfect example of that. The movie didn't suck because Johnny Depp didn't do a good job. It sucked because the script and everything else in it wasn't good and no dig can deny that.

Finally, people also worry about if there is continuity with the shows and films, HOW characters like the Flash's origin will be known and understood by everyone who doesn't watch the show. The answer is simple. At the beginning of a film such as the flash, do a short 1-2 minute intro explaining and possibly even show snippets from the show. Sort of similar to how The Lord of the Rings started off to give a background to everything so people understood, or like Transformers films do. It is an issue which is easily solved by that.

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Should DC's TV universe be separate to the cinematic universe or one big universe?


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