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So something I always used to do with my old blog is something called Top 5 Thursday. All I did was choose a topic, and then rank my top 5 for that topic. i.e TV shows, short lived shows, etc. every Thursday. I enjoyed doing it, and I seemed to get a good response. Since this site has more traffic, and I have more views on my first three posts than my entire blog ever did during it's 3 week run (I stopped because I got asked to contribute on here, and I wanted to spend my time writing for people who love this stuff as much as I do).

Now that you have the background, let's get started!

You can all see that I have decided to start with my Top 5 favorite main characters. I've never been one to fall in love with the main character, just because it always seems cliche to me. I've always been a supporting character kind of guy. But there are always those shows where you can't help but fall in love with the main focus of the show.

There might be SPOILERS ahead, but I will try my best not to put them in. Ye be warned.


Hank Moody (David Duchovny) from Californication

Now, I haven't seen all of Californication (I know, I know, shame on me), but what I have seen of it, I have absolutely loved. And it's because of Hank. David turns someone who is a huge D-bag/Ahole/other vulgar things into someone you can help but love. For those who have seen the show, they know what I'm talking about. He may be a huge womanizer, but he loves his family to death. Especially his daughter. If there's ever a reason to watch this show, it's Hank. Californication is finishing up it's seventh and final season on Showtime right now. I can't say a lot about it, but I promise that I will keep watching it soon.


Henry Pollard (Adam Scott) from Party Down

I picked this show up at Best Buy at $10 a season. Being only two seasons long, and seeing Mr. Adam Scott, and Mr. Ken Marino, it felt like I was destined to find it. This short lived series aired on Starz a couple years back, and even though it was cancelled, it seems to have a pretty big cult following. I know since the release and success of the Veronica Mars movie, they have been in talks of bringing this back with a movie. It's a show about the story of struggling actors/writers who are working as caterers until they can make it big. Henry, our main focus, almost had his break with a popular beer commercial. The catering team is also made up of Ken Marino (Children's Hospital, Burning Love), Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks, NTSF:SD:SUV::) (Masters of Sex, Cloverfield), Jane Lynch (Glee, Hollywood Game Night), Who is then replaced by Megan Mullally (Will & Grace, Children's Hospital), and Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars, Friends with Benefits). It's a short series that's well worth the watch. It's got a lot of great cameos, and it's very quotable.


Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) from 24

I mean come on. How can this guy not make it on this list. Is there anyone more badass? He is the definition of doing what ever it takes. I remember an episode where he was beating the crap of the president because he was withholding information. Right? Right!? Awesome. I love this show, even when it gets a little repetitive during a couple moments, it still kept me at the edge of my seat. It ran for eight seasons on FOX, and is currently airing a mini-series event called 24: Live Another Day. The mini series is just as good as the original seasons, and it's making it's way up to my favorite seasons. It's always intense, and it always keeps you guessing. You know those people who make Chuck Norris jokes? That's because they haven't seen Jack Bauer in action. This is another show that I own the complete series of, and it's one of my favorite collections. I also own some of the books. That's right. There are even books.


Ted Evelyn Mosby (Josh Radnor) from How I Met Your Mother

Now, some of you may know my love for this show is everlasting, and it grows every second of every day. It's such a great show that needs to be watched by everyone. I stand by everything that it presented to it's audience (especially the finale), and I will defend the entire series until the day I die. Even though the entire cast is awesome, I want Ted to stand out. He may seem like the typical hopeless romantic who only works because of his supporting cast, but that's not the case when you actually watch the show. Everyone on there has their own type of humor that clashes perfectly together. Radnor isn't as popular as the other cast (Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, and Colbie Smulders), but he stands out so well and has some of the greatest moments of the show. He is someone that you want to win. And those scenes with the mother (I won't say too much about it just in case you haven't watched it yet) are always so beautiful that they could bring Jack Bauer to tears.


Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) from Dexter

I know those of you who have seen the finale will probably give me some attitude about it, but just imagine if the show ended like 2 minutes earlier. I try to.

Although Dexter Had a pretty disappointing ending, I still love Dex to death. He gave Jeff Lindsay's serial killer a look and a haunting audible voice. i know the ending of the series really turned people away from wanting to watch it, but I still think they should try it. It was no Breaking Bad finale, but it was still the ending of a series that so many people loved. Dexter was the first main character I fell in love with because he is so different, yet so ordinary at the same time. I'll never regret watching and loving this show, and I know I will probably do it again. I know it's been hinted that they might bring him back one last time, and I would be OK with that. It ran for a solid 8 seasons on Showtime, and even though people claim it started going downhill after the fifth season, I think it stayed pretty strong up until those last couple minutes.


I did read that they originally did plan on killing Dexter, but Showtime wouldn't let them do it. So if you're gonna be mad at anyone, be mad at Showtime. But it's always tough to end a show. Especially one as good as Dexter. Not a lot of shows get it right, but people will always be for it or against it. Nothing anyone can do but think about the entire show as a whole.

So this was my list! If it gets a good response, I'll try to do more. I'm on here daily supporting the MP page (Congrats on the big sell bee tee dubs. $20 mill is quite the cash flow). Have a good one guys! I'm gonna go play rock band with my kid.

Notable mentions: Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion from Firefly), Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Phillip J. Fry (Futurama), Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson from Stargate SG-1) Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi from Chuck), Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer from Frasier) and Everyone who is still alive in Game of Thrones.


Who was your favorite main character? I'm Listening...


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