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In this Golden Age of Comic-Book Movies we are in, many fans anxiously await more heroes adapted to the big screen. Actually, many would like to see more SUPER-HEROINES adapted to the big screen and more "bad-ass babes" get major roles and films of their own.

These include Wonder Woman for DC/Warner and Ms. Marvel, The Wasp, She-Hulk from Marvel Studios.

However, there is one character who would be purrrrr-fect. It's time for Marvel Studios to bring Tigra to the silver screen.

While that is not a choice that is at the top of a lot of people's lists, it should be. Here's Five Reasons Why.

1.) The character has a lot of history. Tigra is not some one-dimensional hot babe created in the last decade. She has been around since 1972, when she was known as "The Cat" and was co-created by none other than Stan Lee himself, along with artists Marie Severin and Wally Wood - with her early adventures written by a woman, Linda Fite. "The Cat" transformed into "Tigra" two years later, when Tony Isabella and Don Perlin had her mutate into the tiger-woman we know and love today in "Giant Size Creatures" #1. She has been part of a lot of stories and a good chunk of Marvel history since.

2.) It would be fitting if Tigra were one of the super-heroines to lead the charge for more women warriors on the silver screen, since she was created with the intention of doing the same on comics pages four decades ago.

"The Cat" was introduced in one of a trio of Marvel Comics aimed at a female audience, alongside Night Nurse and Shanna the She-Devil. Marvel writer-editor Roy Thomas recalled in 2007 that editor-in-chief Stan Lee.."had the idea, and I think the names, for all three. He wanted to do some books that would have special appeal to girls. We were always looking for way to expand our franchise. My idea ... was to try to get women to write them. And of course, if we could get a woman to draw them, too, that was great. Stan tapped [artist] Marie [Severin] ... for The Cat. ... [Writer] Linda Fite was working on staff, had done a couple of X-Men back-up features".

Though "The Cat" only lasted four issues, she attracted considerable talent like Jim Mooney, Paty Greer, Bill Everett, Jim Starlin, Alan Weiss and Frank McLaughlin.

The transformation to Tigra attracted the aforementioned Isabella and the character became a mainstay in the Marvel Universe and Avengers rosters in particular.

3.) Tigra can be playful Though many decry this as a weakness, in this day of "Why so serious" heroes, she would be a welcome, refreshing change.

4.) Tigra is one of the more complex characters in comics. Her need to balance her feline qualities - those being savagery and a need for affection - is fascinating in the right hands. It is part of the reason female writers like Christina Z have chosen to write her.

5.) Not only is the character a mainstay on the "Avengers", she was a "West Coast Avenger", which means including her, could help lead to that spinoff possibility in the films.

6.) Tigra is considered important to enough to appear in "Marvel Adventures", Marvel's "all-ages" line. Plus, in animated series. Even more significantly, she has appeared in Marvel's "Ultimate" line of comics, which "The Avengers" film seems to be based on, more than the "classic" version.

The Ultimate Marvel universe version of Tigra appeared as a member of the West Coast Ultimates.She was originally a young police officer named Marie Grant, who after being convicted of using excessive force, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Nick Fury secured Marie's release on the condition that she joined his new team of Ultimates, which led to S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists granting her superhuman abilities.

7.) Tigra has had a very long-term, on-again, off-again relationship with Hank Pym in the comics. seeing as how we are getting Hank Pym on the silver screen, this opens up another opportunity to introduce her.

8.) Tigra at her heart is amore realistice, street level hero - like Black Widow - but is capable of handling epic threats as well.

9.) Tigra is actually intelligent enough and mature enough and respected enough to have been a teacher in marvel's recent "Avengers Academy" comic book series.

10.) Tigra is - let's face it - sexy as hell. Drawn the right way, she exudes heat. I think this last part is important and should not be overlooked. How many unapologetically sexy female characters are there on the big screen? The kind that catch your attention and make it impossible to take your eyes off them? The kind that are clearly feminine, rather than male heroes with boobs?

Given that, I think up-and-coming actress Marissa jade would be a perfect fit for the character. Jade - who just got done filming "The Martial Arts Kid" and is rumored to be one of the villains in "Blue Suede" - has the playfulness, the confidence and the sexiness to pull the role off (as the above picture should make quite clear) and make it memorable.

Here's hoping Marvel is listening.


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