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The Walking Dead has something of a bad guy vacuum going into Season 5 following the bloody - and highly satisfying - death of the Governor. Of course we have Gareth, the leader of the Termites, to aim our ire at in the new season, but something tells me he ain't gonna be around for long.

No, the real big bad of The Walking Dead universe is someone we haven't encountered yet, but those of you who've read the comics will tremble with fear at the mere mention of his name.

I'm talking, of course, about Negan.

The savage and potty-mouthed leader of the Saviors is brutal in the extreme, an uncompromising zealot with a passion for bashing in skulls with his trusty baseball bat Lucille.

But Negan is more than just a violent maniac. He's also charming - in his own despotic way - which makes him doubly terrifying.

All this means that when Negan finally does make it onto The Walking Dead - and by my estimates this could be a early as the back-end of Season 5, it's going to take an actor of great skill - and no little malice - to portray him.

So, who could fit the bill? That's where you come in. Let's send a message to AMC by telling them who we, the fans, want to play Negan. Below are rumored candidates, your suggestions (made in the comment section of our Walking Dead articles) and our own favorites.

The schedule goes like this:

Semi-final - Monday

Grand Final - Wednesday

Get voting now!


Jon Hamm vs Christopher Meloni


Vinnie Jones vs Patrick Warburton


Ray Stevenson vs Ron Perlman


Henry Rollins vs Elias Koteas

What do you think of our choices? Good selection or way off the mark?


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