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Ok, first things first: Is there even a war going on between Marvel and Fox?

I mean, first, they were saying [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) was going to be axed in response to tensions between Marvel and Fox concerning movie rights and crossover talks gone wrong. Of course, no one is really backing this up much and we haven't seen much in terms of proof besides the announcement of the Ultimate FF being axed in the near future. But it's sales were ailing anyway.

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SO, while we are still waiting, we get more obscure rumors that Marvel is going one step further to hurt Fox: NO MORE MUTANTS.

That's right. Unnamed sources are quoted as saying that Marvel is about to reboot their whole line and come back with NO X-Men.

Here is the full forum post:
Most of you reading this will initially react to what i have to say with skepticism. I’m a brand new poster with no posts. That’s understandable. But i can only assure you that what i have to say in at this time and present is 100% true and will happen. I obviously can’t release my sources but it’s actually become an open secret within the marvel offices, and many are NOT happy. There have been a few leaks by various ”in the know” people who work at marvel within the community and on personal blogs over the last few days. Don’t be surprised when other sites/blogs start to come forward with more information soon. Obviously, these leaks on personal blogs have been redacted very quickly. Onto the dire news:

Marvel WILL be rebooting their entire line next summer, and they will be rebooting it without the X-Men. Without mutants at all. This includes Wolverine, Storm & Cyclops. Every mutant is gone. However, [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) will be reintroduced as Inhumans. Although this won’t apply to any other X-Men related characters. Currently unsure what will happen with Namor. It’s currently unknown if any of the X-Men will ever return to the comics, but if they do it won’t be for quite a while.

The X-Men as we know them will cease to exist by the end of Axis. Whatever this means, the end result is that the X-Men are finished. For the second time in 3 years the Avengers office will be hijacking what’s going on in the X-Books to further their own stories, and once again Cyclops, as the face of the X-Men, will be portrayed as a villain. They’re having him go full Magneto and he will die at the end of the event in shame. Bendis is NOT happy about having his stories hijacked by the higher ups, but he’s going to be documenting Cyclops decent into insanity in the post ”Will” issues of Uncanny so his characterization in Axis fits. Once Cyclops dies and with Wolverine also dead the X-Men will be reunited under Havok’s leadership for a few short weeks in real time until the reboot, where all X-Books will be cancelled. The idea is, with Cyclops dead and buried, Marvel no longer have to worry about their ”mutant problem”. I can also confirm that the Scarlet Witch is the ”hero” of Axis.

I know it sounds too crazy to be true, but i assure you it all is. There are clues for those who know what to look for ”out there” already. I will update this thread as myself am updated.

Yeah, it does sound too crazy to be true. But, it gets me thinking. They have spent the MARVEL NOW building an Uncanny Avengers story where Earth is destroyed and the Mutants are all whisked away in a rapture to Planet X. All of this has already been scrapped, the united Avengers go back in time to save the Earth. Unfortunately, the very act of saving the Earth empowers Kang the Conqueror with near godlike abilities. This leaves things open for some very freaky stuff.

Enter AXIS: the next big story-line from Marvel that promises Earth shattering consequences.


Supposedly after that we get a reboot (ANYBODY getting fed up with reboots?). According the 'mysterious source', Marvel comes back without mutants! Not only that, but the Scarlet Witch is the hero. Is this because she finally gets her wish? NO MORE MUTANTS.

AND, on top of that, the source says Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will come back as Inhumans. Really? Would Marvel go THAT far to not help push FOX movies? Would they really go to that great a lengths to punish Fox for not playing ball with a crossover? I don't know.

But Marvel did get aggressive recently with their plans to kill off the most overused mutant in both film and print: Wolverine. In fact, they made sure and killed him off before Axis gets in full swing! And, Marvel HAS went out of their way to turn the angst ridden leader of the X-Men into the bad guy in the last few years. To push him totally over the edge and kill him off makes sense.

Am I saying it's a done deal? Am I saying that Marvel is canceling the X-Men all together to hurt Fox? Nah....not totally sure what's going on. But SOMETHING is going on. The Marvel think tank is reworking the Marvel Universe and it seems to be using the MCU as a blueprint! If that is the case, writing out the Fantastic Four and the X-men would totally be plausible.

BUT, let's get it from the horses mouth, so to say.

Brian Michael Bendis, long time writer of the All new X-men, went to TUMBLR with this to say:

Somebody somewhere for whatever reason, be it a lack of attention at home, frustration with their own life, whatever it is that motivates such things, completely pulls something right out of their ass and posted it on the Internet.

and sometimes, no matter how outlandish the claim, no matter how many people point to the lack of logic, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary… some people choose to believe it.

I was told when I started writing the X-Men that there is a very small part of the readership that feels very persecuted. that no matter what Marvel does these readers think that marvel hates the X-Men with a fiery passion and are looking to destroy it.

and this goes back way before movies or cartoons, this goes waaaay back, so even though the best artists on the planet and franchise writers have been put in charge of this very important part of the Marvel universe some people still think that Marvel is out to blow its own foot off.

why THAT happens I cannot tell you. it just does.
but, without any kind of spoilers, something exciting is coming next summer. definitely. for sure. for the marvel universe and the X-Men which happen to be one and the same thing and have been for 50 years of right now, I don't believe the X-Men can totally disappear and are totally in future plans for the Marvel Comic Universe. AND, I'm also sure, after the reboot, we will get some type of the X-men in print. What that will be? I do not know.


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