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Is there such a thing as a massive comic juggernaut (excuse the pun) like the X-men running their course and being at the end of the stories that can or should be written about them?

Have we said all there is to say about them saving the world that hates them?

Well, in the last decade, we've seen Xavier killed (AGAIN! What is that 3-4 times?), Cyclops becomes enemy #1 (for killing Xavier), the X-men unite with [The Avengers](movie:9040) and the Beast brings back the original 5 to try and stop all of this from happening. Now, their killing off Wolverine and rumors are beginning to swirl about a total cancellation of ALL mutant titles!

was this the beginning of the end?
was this the beginning of the end?

Now, as I'm not one of those on the whole rumor bandwagon, it does intrigue me. Maybe everything that needs to be said and done is...well....said and done. The X-men started as a metaphor for the civil rights conflict back in the sixties. Stan Lee masterfully built a team of mutants who were instilled with a DREAM. Sound familiar? OF course, it does. Xavier's dream mirrors Martin Luther King, Jr's dream in many respects. In recent times, the Mutant plight has been high-jacked as an image of the struggle of homosexuals to gain the right to marry.

Have we just beat the message like the dead horse it seems to be, but are afraid to let it go because of the bucks? What they have done recently to every aspect of X-men all over seems to be a grasping at straws by the Proverbial Marvel Knights of the conference room to find something else to say. I actually like what they have done with Scott Summers, because it's progression. Comics are notorious for taking the easy way out and keeping characters in a holding patterns that seem popular just to sell the series. I mean, that is, after all, the companies goal, isn't it? Sell the comic?

Remember better times? Better stories?
Remember better times? Better stories?

But, as a writer, my job is to tell the story. So, pushing Cyclops out of his teenage angst into a disillusioned leader of what becomes the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for the year 2014 does to Scott what it seems they can't do with Peter Parker: MOVE ON!

Let's be serious here. Once you get past the teenage angst, the pain of growing up, the struggle with his love life and the stress of being both Peter Parker and Spider Man, what do you have? When writers have tried to give Parker a somewhat happy life like marrying a hot supermodel and living happily ever after, the comic tanked. So, it's hard to help Parker move on.

This is the plight of so many characters in the comic world. Do you stay the same and be told you're stale? Do you let the character grow or get older and chance loosing your fanbase? It's a difficult position.

SO, back to the X-Men. Are they burned out? Is the whole Mutant thing just...well..DONE? I have a hard time thinking so. But a rethinking may be in store. That is what we're facing here.


Is that prophecy? Has time run out on some of the tried and trues in Marvel? Has the family comic FANTASTIC FOUR ceased to speak to this generation due to themes grown from the 1960s? Have we tired of the whole Mutant Plight and just become fed up with the X-Men. I think this is more of what's behind cancellation fears than anything Fox could ever do or not do. This reboot that AXIS possibly brings may be more the X-Men's salvation than its end.

And this is one TRUE BELIEVER that really hopes so...


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