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Rowan Odom

Yesterday, KDramaStars reported that Ryan Reynolds was leaving the Deadpool project and a teaser was to be shown at this year's San Diego Comic Con!

However, I myself debunked the rumor after it spread around the internet like hot cakes and some people were screaming madly and others were screaming happily, well I am sorry to say, but this is false. I talked to the author of the article, where I asked why he would lie to [Deadpool](movie:38663) fans and he continued to ask me what he was lying about, so I told about how Ryan leaving the project and the teaser and he apologized saying "He wanted a proper Deadpool movie" so he got a bunch of fans hopes up. So if you are still thinking that this is true, its not, so you can rejoice or cry about how Ryan is still attached, hopefully this article reaches to everyone who saw it, and just to clarify: There is not going to be Deadpool teaser at Comic Con 2014, although we might just get to see the 3- Minutes of test footage they shot... maybe, and Ryan is still very much involved with the project.

The closest thing we have to a trailer is the director of the movie describing the 3-Minutes or test footage that was shot for the film (video, below):


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