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Ever since my childhood, Ghost Rider has been one of my absolute favorite Marvel heroes (or anti-hero depending on how you look at it). Although there have been multiple people with this title in the Marvel universe, the one I'm specifically referring to as my favorite is Johnny Blaze, the second Ghost Rider. Unfortunately, Blaze has had a bad reputation of late with Sony's two films, starring Nicolas Cage. I'm not going to sit and hate on the Ghost Rider movies, because there were some elements that I enjoyed, Nicolas Cage being one that I'm not sure if I hated or liked.

With the recent news that the rights to the Ghost Rider films have reverted to Marvel, it should only be a matter of time before they bring the Spirit of Vengeance back to the big screen...unfortunately, it probably won't be for at least another eight years in what will be Phase 4 of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. That's a long time to wait for Ghost Rider and another one of my favorites, The Punisher, whose movie rights also went back to Marvel. Anyway, I digress, when I should be focusing on what this article is about: Who I'd want to see as the next Ghost Rider? Though I usually have three choices, there's only one that I care to mention as my favorite actor for the role.

Karl Urban

Known best for his roles in juggernaut action films such as The Lord of the Rings (2 & 3), Star Trek (2009), and Dredd (2012), Urban has done nothing but get more and more prominent in recent years. His rugged exterior, underestimated acting skills, and ability to adapt to multiple genres have proved his greatness over and over.

My personal favorite role of his was as Judge Dredd, in its' 2012 reboot. What I loved the most about the role was that in the entire film, Urban was only seen wearing his Judge helmet, which required great expression from his body language. It's the same reason I loved Tom Hardy's performance as Bane.

Though the film was positively received by critics (for the most part), it didn't do as well as the filmmakers wanted, barely short of making its' budget back. However, one of the things that were positively received the most was its' casting. Indiewire, a daily news site for independent films, had this to say about Urban:

As Dredd, Urban either has a better character to play than Sylvester Stallone, or simply has a better grasp on what makes him tick, but the actor continues to distinguish himself as a versatile performer.

Karl Urban has proved he can be the good guy, bad guy, smart guy, leader, warrior, enforcer, and, in Judge Dredd's case, an anti-hero. I have always easily seen him in the role of Ghost Rider, and I have absolute faith that he'd be awesome!

What do you guys think? Do you like Urban for Ghost Rider? If not, who would you guys rather see in the role? Share your opinions in the comments!


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