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It's been over ten years since we've seen Matt Murdoch in live-action, and I think that now is the perfect time to forget the movie, and get excited for the upcoming Netflix tv show.

Charlie Cox to play Matt Murdoch
Charlie Cox to play Matt Murdoch

Charlie Cox (Stardust, Boardwalk Empire) has already been announced as Matt Murdoch, and Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Death Proof, Clerks) has also been cast, although we do not yet know as who.

Who will she be playing?
Who will she be playing?

There were some wonderings about whether Dawson may in fact be playing a female version of Foggy Nelson, but these rumors have now been proven inaccurate, as Foggy Nelson has been cast... as Elden Henson!

Elden Henson is probably best known for his roles in The Butterfly Effect, The Mighty Ducks and She's All That, and seems to have been focusing on tv since 2007, although he is in the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

Can he play a great Foggy Nelson? I think so! He has the right look for the typical "best buddy of the hero" role, and depending on how they choose to write the character, he can become more of a comedic everyman or a brooding, jealous type.

The amazing Jon Favreau previously played Foggy in 2003, and despite the movie bombing, those are some big shoes to fill! Especially if the writers have decided to go the funny-everyman route. That said, I think that Henson will be able to pull it off.

The really exciting thing for me is wondering where that leaves us with the casting of Rosario Dawson! The series is focusing on much younger versions of the Daredevil characters than the movie did, so does this mean that we will see a love triangle featuring Karen Page? Or will they go the more obvious route and cast Dawson as Elektra? I can't wait to find out!


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