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Scoot McNairy is one of the most under-rated actors best actor right now . Incredibly versatile, deeply talented and something of a chameleon too, he's quietly racked up a CV of films that includes :

Monsters, Killing Them Softly, Promised Land, Argo, 12 Years A Slave, The Rover, and a starring role in the new AMC series 'Halt & Catch Fire'

And now, McNairy is making the blockbuster leap ........ (Did fellow "Argo"naut Ben Affleck put in a good word?)

Deadline reports that the actor has joined the ensemble of "Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice." but Warner Bros aren't confirming or denying the casting news. DC/WB are mostly waiting for Comic-Con to officially announce casting for this huge ensemble movie. Right now it is unknown which role he has signed on for. It seems obvious that WB won't cast an incredible talent such as McNairy for a minor throwaway role. His splendid dramatic acting chops and the fact that he is largely an unknown among mainstream moviegoers make him a ripe picking for a major DC character.

Flash maybe ?
Flash maybe ?
Dick Grayson hopefully ?
Dick Grayson hopefully ?

With Nikki Fenke saying that WB pushed back the date of BVS to sign on actors for multi-picture deals to appear as cameos in the film, I am guessing some potential Justice Leaguer. Personally I feel he can pull off a convincing Flash. Or maybe since this is an older Batman, he could be an older Nightwing. I am hoping for a Dick Grayson cameo from him since one of the best ways to point towards a larger DC universe is to acknowledge the presence of The Bat Family.

Source: Deadline

Anyways I am excited for this casting. Hoping its something big. What do you think? Which role will he play in DCCU? comment below.


Which role will he play in DCCU?


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