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A wise man once said "All good things must come to an end". Well in the case of Two and a Half Men; something that used to be good must come to an end. It cannot be denied that without Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men isn't the same. Yes season 11 may have picked up a bit in my opinion however it was nothing compared to the earlier seasons with Charlie Sheen as the star.

The story line and the cast of the show still have a lot of potential (besides Ashton Kutcher). This isn't me having a dig at Kutcher because I think he is a marvelous actor. The thing is, he just can't compete with the hilarious Charlie Sheen. Despite Kutcher's character and Angus T Jones' (who played Jake) departure from the show, in my opinion it still has the potential to continue on for many years HOWEVER NOT AS TWO AND A HALF MEN, but as a spin off instead.

This leads me to WHY Sheen must return for the Series Finale. His return opens the door for a possible spin off. Let's face it, Jake Harper was a hilarious character. However Jenny Harper has produced quite a few laughs herself and in my opinion could fill the void that Angus T Jones left in the show upon his departure.

Sheen has spoken about his interest to return to the show and there has been some buzz on the internet about this.

Charlie Harper
Charlie Harper

Now to my personal take on what should happen if there were to be a [Two and a Half Men](series:200558) spin off (note: this includes Two and a Half Men finale and spin off show pilot ideas) :

  • Charlie returns in the finale. We discover Rose had faked his death and kept him captive so she could have him to herself (or some weird stalker stuff like that). That would seem plausible.
  • Charlie comes to the house and discovers Walden has bought it and that he now as no money in his estate.
  • Evelyn feels sorry for Charlie (for once in his life) and writes him a large check. OR another possibility is she dies and leaves it all to Charlie now that she knows he is alive.
  • Either way Charlie ends up with a large sum of money.
  • He buys another house and once he has bought it finds out from Alan he has a daughter who is broke. Charlie invites Jenny to come live with him.
  • And somehow Alan eventually finds his way back to living with Charlie(could happen mid season of the spin off show).

This then allows for the laughs to continue on for many years to come. Chuck Lorre wouldn't have to be working on the spin off so there would be little to no confrontations between the two.

ALL OF THESE ARE JUST POSSIBILITIES! But I thought it would be a cool thing to discuss.

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Would a spin off be a good idea with Charlie, Alan, and Jenny being the 3 main cast?


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