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Aquaman may be the world's most underrated superhero. While most comic and movie fans treat the oceanic hero as a mere hiccup in DC's long history of creating iconic characters, Aquaman fits the true definition of a hero, and with a 21st century reboot, he could be made DC's next star. Aquaman represents feelings most of the human race is currently experiencing in regards to climate change and corporate robbery. While I don't want to start a political rant, I want to take a moment to reflect on the power of this feeling. According to Pew, over half the world's population believes climate change is the biggest threat to their countries. This represents a truly global fear that can be capitalized on in the movie theater.

While a movie about [Aquaman](movie:264237) enacting carbon pollution laws would be yawn inducing for even the biggest environmentalists, climate change and the entities causing it could be the perfect villain for the environmental crusader of Atlantis. Aquaman has a history of fighting on the behalf of mother nature, but in quite a bad ass way, if I do say so myself. Imagine that the villain of Aquaman is a family abusing, trashy Texas oilman who devises a new technology to exploit the world's oceanic oil resources. Many people have already attempted this, so it's a feasible idea. However, this Texas oilman must kill thousands of sea animals to access this oil. After seeing brutal ocean killings, both Aquaman and the audience would be vehemently turned against the evil oilman.

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How the oilman would gain powers and how the movie would end is for the screenwriters to figure, but the basic premise would not only secure a large fan base for the Aquaman movie but also raise global awareness about environmental issues. DC could make millions while saving the world. And all it would take is one forgotten but still powerful underwater king.

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