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My Choices for a brand new cast of all of our favorite superhero movies!

The Avengers:

Captain America:

Chris Pine:

Steve is now in modern times, and of course is the leader of The Avengers. I feel like I need to defend my casting of Chris Pine as Cap, as all of you criticize him in the role. Chris has played a lot of cocky roles, so I get how he wouldn't sit right with you all, but Chris has also shown that he can be serious and he does a good job at that. It's like Chris Evans as Captain America, you all thought he was too cocky and now you all accept him, it's called acting.

Iron Man:

Colin Farrell:

I personally surveyed 200 random people with among eight acting choices, Colin Farrell topped the list with 126 votes out of 200, with Tom Cruise coming in second with 45 votes. Noted similarities between the two. "Farrell has a strong resemblance to Downey's Stark, filling out a suit nicely and working a very similar hair style. He also proved in In Bruges that he can spit out the rapid-fire quick-wit dialogue as good as anyone.


Brad Pitt:

I just can’t see anything else. Pitt is a wonderful actor and can play the cold and stoic noble Norse warrior god. He has the physique, he has the ability to do action, and he has the jaw. Also, back in 2009-2010 when the rumor hit that Matthew McConaughey was rumored to be playing Captain America I made an observation that I thought he might be better suited for the character of Thor, also planned for release by Marvel Studios. But then the rumor mill churned out a nice tidbit as we found out that Brad Pitt was also being considered for Thor!

Hulk/Bruce Banner:

David Tennant:

While not being a fan of Dr. Who, I still have been able to watch David's acting and I have to say he's pretty damn good at it, so why not have him play the less angry alter-ego of the hulk...who also happens to be a doctor.


Jensen Ackles:

I think Jensen Ackles is the perfect actor for the part, because he has that asshole attitude that is sorely needed for Hawkeye, plus he has a comedic tone and looks like an exact copy of Clint Barton that don't hurt either. Jensen Ackles is perfect for Hawkeye! Just close your eyes, heck yeah.

Black Widow:

Emily Blunt:

Before Scarlett Johansson was cast as The Black Widow in Iron Man 2, the role was originally actress Emily Blunt’s for the taking. She reportedly was forced to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts, and in 2009 she commented that “it’s a shame the two of them couldn't work together.”

Nick Fury:

Bryan Cranston:

Bryan Cranston is an intense actor with a commanding presence. I think Cranston would make a great Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Simon Baker:

Rachel Mcadams:

The X-Men:


Casey Affleck


Karl Urban:

As much as I love Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, he seems to be becoming a bit too old for the role and my second younger choice for it is Urban. I only wish for a short cameo of Wolverine (but possibly as a main character in a sequel) and Urban seems to be a superb actor for Logan.

Jean Grey:

Rachel Nichols

A great actress from a very popular (Star Trek) and an unpopular movie (G.I.J.O.E. Rise of Cobra) She’s a great actress and has an incredible likeness and attitude that in my opinion garner’s the ideas and the emotion of Marvel Girl. I certainly would say she is my number 1 for the role.


Zoe Saldana

The perfect actress for the role she’s a talented and has done many good films and many abd ones each showcasing she has talent. She's a wonderful actress and by far would be the best live action Storm seeing she knows how to act and how not to do a Catwoman movie.

Professor X:

Hugh Laurie:

I don’t know exactly why I chose Laurie as Xavier as everything about him and his acting doesn’t really suit the character, but for some reason I just love the idea of Laurie playing Professor X.


Ioan Gruffudd

I wanted to cast someone largely original and creative. He’s a fantastic actor who does great work he would be an awesome beast. He is an intelligent and graceful actor who no doubt could master the role of Beast.


Alex Pettyfer

I think some other users have casted Pettyfer as Angel in their fancasts, although I’m not to sure but I still to me he seems an amazing actor for Warren Worthington III.


Iwan Rheon

You may recognise this actor from the popular E4 TV show Misfits, and from that alone I’ve seen that Rheon has great acting ability and to me would just be superb as Nightcrawler.


Alexander Skarsgard

Everyone casts him as Sabretooth, but personally I don’t see it {and Sabretooth is my favorite Marvel Character} I have always seen him as the perfect candidate for Colossus. He has the look the talent with accents and the look to play the kind Russian. He as an actor encompasses all the right traits for the role of Colossus.


Mila Kunis

Its no secret I love her as an actress she is fantastic in every form and has always been my choice for kitty, No doubt she is a perfect choice for Shadowcat having talent, size, looks, and age for the role.


Jena Malone

She was Amazing in Sucker Punch and was pretty sexy despite having short hair. Her attitude and entity as Rocket is what inspires me to cast her as Rogue. Her essence in her roles had the Southern Bell charm that I see in Rogue {from the 90’s Animated Series} She’s got all the assets for a perfect Rogue.


Temeurra Morrison

Forge is a character that I had never cast before. For him I wanted an actor that fit the bill and seemed original. I like Temeurra as an actor he’s done really good work despite being in very unpopular films he’s turned out some decent performances that are eye catching to say the least.


Liam Neeson

I’ve seen on other X-Men fancasts that Neeson seems to be a popular choice for Xavier, yet I seem he more as a better actor for Magneto and I think nearly no one can say Neeson is a bad actor because I think we all know this guy is just awesome.


Sienna Miller

This remains for me the logical choice. Sienna is a good actress and despite the rest of the film she gave a solid performance as the Baroness, while this role would be a different skin for her it’s one I could see her having fun, we all know she has the talent and the looks for it and fits pretty damn well as Mystique.


Anton Yelchin

The Blob:

Sam Worthington

Not that great of an actor but I think Worthington combined with CGI and a high-tech fat suit I think he would be an amazing fit for Blob.

Emma Frost:

Kate Beckinsale

She’s a relatively new choice for Emma, An unorthodox one but creative, when put under the right director she gives an amazing performance. She could be a strong fit for Emma and no doubt could do better than previous incarnation


Ryan Gosling

He’s an amazing actor that has been watched for a while. He has been turning up great performances and would no doubt do amazing work with the role of Havok.

The Fantastic 4:

Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic

Alexis Denishof

He was the best part of ANGEL the second he joined the cast, delivering one of the best character arcs in TV history as Wesley Wyndham-Price. He could play the goofy, esoteric, and brilliant Reed as well as the loving Reed, while also tackling the more removed and edgy Reed as the franchise progresses. It’s not entirely original to cast a Whedon regular in a superhero movie, but this is a choice I haven’t seen very often, and it deserves to be a favorite. He could be perfect.

Sue Storm/ Invisible Woman

Yvonne Strahovski:

Now, I know some people who think of Sue as being the damsel in distress. Far from, and in recent comics she's become a powerful member of the Fantastic Four. Doom even at one point says that she's more powerful then the other three combined. The last two Fantastic Four films got this wrong, and Sue was definitely given a very poor role in the film in my opinion. Yvonne is obviously gifted in the looks department. If you've seen her in Chuck, or heard her voice in the Mass Effect video games then you know that while beautiful, she's also a strong woman and can play a woman who's the soul of a team like the Fantastic Four.

Johnny Storm/ Human Torch

Liam Hemsworth

After watching The Expendables 2, I'm sold on Liam as a great action star. While we saw Chris Evans give a very campy performance as Johnny Storm; I'd like to see someone who's cocky and a bit of a joker; but definitely not as over the top as Chris Evans portrayal. Liam would bring that youthful energy, but he could easily play a much more toned down version of the character then what we saw in the last two major films. Doesn't hurt that Liam is starting to become a box-office draw. I'm also sure that Liam might have some sibling rivalry with brother Chris, and might want to be a part of a major comic book movie property.

Ben Grimm/ The Thing

Michael Madsen (Voice Actor/Mo-Cap) as Ben Grimm/The Thing

I heard a rumor a while back that The Thing would be CGI. After watching the last two Chikilis movies, I agree. With physicality out of the way, you can focus on an actor who can deliver a great performance through vocals entirely. While mainly known as Mr.Blonde, Madsen has also racked up a substantial resume of gravely voice over work, giving him plenty of experience that could bring The Thing to life.

If I missed any other characters let me know!


Do you agree with this re-casting?


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