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Recently, I had an idea for a Dark Avengers movie and/or Netflix serial, which was fed in the comments of an article on this website. As I typed out a response, I expanded upon my idea, and now, I share it with you, my friends. I also had thought of potentially renaming this team Thunderbolts, as it does serve a similar purpose.

Dark Avengers Characters:

1. War Machine

War Machine leads the newly reformed SHIELD's Project SCAR (Super Criminal Applied Rehabilitation) and is thus, the leader of our Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts team. Using him as a direct link to Stark and the money that comes therewith, Rhodey serves as the team parole officer and leader.

2. Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier, after discovering that he was, in fact, Bucky Barnes, went on an adventure of self-discovery. Having regained his sense of right and wrong, he seeks restitution for the wrongdoing he committed during his tenure as a HYDRA goon. He joins up with SHIELD and Project SCAR to serve this self-imposed sentence, all the while seeking new information about his mysterious past.

3. Mockingbird

Bobbi Morse was the first agent recruited by Director Coulson to be part of the new SHIELD. Taking on a persona of her own, she was assigned to Project SCAR by the Director himself, under the recommendation of Maria Hill, to give it a SHIELD-affiliated supervisor.

4. Daredevil

Daredevil isn't really a super criminal, but he is seriously misunderstood. He seeks to atone for his crime after his very public murder of the supervillain Bullseye, and to earn back the trust of the people of Hell's Kitchen.

5. Ronin (Alexei Shostakov)

Alexei Shostakov, better known as the Red Guardian, donned a new persona, the Ronin, to infiltrate Project SCAR and get close to his target: his ex-wife, the Black Widow, and her friend, the Mockingbird. I will go on to explain the usefulness of this character later.

6. Moon Knight

Marc Spector, a former SHIELD infiltration and extraction specialist, was a detainee of the Fridge when the original SHIELD was dismantled. Nick Fury had him detained after his continued use of undercover identities caused him a great deal of mental instability. Director Coulson has freed Spector in an attempt to return him to a sound frame of mind.

7. Constrictor, Viper and the Serpent Society

Frank Payne was a SHIELD agent working for HYDRA, under the direction of the Viper, one of HYDRA's top lieutenants. After the fall of the original SHIELD, Constrictor and Viper joined a special ops division of HYDRA known as the Serpent Society. Their job was to cause trouble across the globe to distract the remnants of SHIELD and the Avengers from their HYDRA headhunt. The Society serves as the main villain throughout the show/movie.

Basic Plot

When SHIELD was toppled, hundreds of super criminals were released. The newly minted Director Coulson acknowledges this and seeks to once again incarcerate these criminals, but also to rehabilitate them and redirect their unique abilities in a more constructive manner, and he sets up Project SCAR (Super Criminal Applied Rehabilitation). Heading up the project are representatives from the Avengers and from the new SHIELD, War Machine and Mockingbird. Their team, assigned to them by Director Coulson, consists of the Winter Soldier, Daredevil, Ronin, and Moon Knight. When HYDRA's Serpent Society makes a daring raid on SHIELD's Raft, the team is thrust into action against them. This fight takes them on a journey across the globe and into uncharted territory, where their dysfunctional group may be the only thing that can save the world.

Usefulness of the Ronin Character, As Promised

Alexei Shostakov was the husband of the Black Widow before her defection from Russia and the KGB. He is sent to kill her by the people she betrayed, along with her friend the Mockingbird, for reasons unknown. This gives us a unique opportunity. Marvel can introduce Ronin in the Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts film/show, and then depict his betrayal of Mockingbird in a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie. This allows for Hawkeye and Mockingbird to become lovers, and for Widow to move on and allow herself to fall for Cap. Not only is this good for comic book purists, so they can get something that they can't whine about, but it's smart business, too. Seeing the way Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans sparked as leads in Winter Soldier was great, so giving this to the audience would allow them to showcase that great on-screen chemistry even more. It would also give Jeremy Renner, who does a fantastic Hawkeye, the screen time he deserves, and would actually give him a tangible love interest, not just someone we assume is the woman he has a schoolboy crush on.


Should this be redubbed "Thunderbolts?"


Do you think this will work for Marvel?


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