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Hello, world.
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Hello, everyone. I've been away from this site for awhile but I'm back now and I have a question for you guys, inspired by a recent article over at The question isn't "Who am I?", the question is "Where am I?". Oh, sorry, that's a line from one of my favorite horror movies, SCREAM! The actual question is in the title of this post. Horror Fans, what do you want? Anyone with a pulse knows that horror has been bigger than ever the last few years. From the seemingly endless cycle of remakes (not all of which are bad, by the way), the Paranormal Activity franchise and the found footage flood it let loose on through to the horror boom on television with The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Hannibal and now Salem and Penny Dreadful the horror genre has a firm grasp on entertainment and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon (much to the delight of myself and many others). But it's awfully hard to predict what's coming next for the genre. On the immediate horizon we have The Purge: Anarchy and Deliver Us From Evil, followed by films like Jessabelle and As Above, So Below in August and Ouija and possibly The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle in October. That's one thriller about the dark side of humanity and the rest are stories of hauntings and possessions, which have been the primary focus of many of the horror movies released in the last few years. So what I want to know is what you want next. I once wrote an article asking about your personal horror preference and received some fantastic replies. This article is kind of a sibling article to that one. Tell me, friends, what would you like to see from the horror genre next?

Do you, like me, want a revival of masked slashers? Perhaps a badass new werewolf movie or a vampire movie that restores the monstrous nature (and credibility) to the bloodsucker sub-genre? Do you want remakes to die a horrible death or are you (again, like me) okay with taking a movie from the past that had a great idea but not so great execution and going at it again? Or maybe you want mummies, evil children, witches (which have been pretty popular lately), a genuinely scary new alien film in the vein of The Thing and Alien or a swarm of Lovecraftian monsters arriving from another dimension to ravage the earth. Is there one particular sub-genre and tone you want from your horror or do you want more diversity from the genre, from lighthearted jump-scare fare to darker than black, harrowing horror films?

Please, sound off in the comments and tell me your feelings and opinions on where horror is and where you want it to go in the future. And here's a parting question: Are you as sick as I am of these downer endings? Not every horror movie has to end with everyone being horribly killed. There's room in the genre for both happy and unhappy endings or at least I think so. But I want your thoughts. As always, thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this.


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