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Note: major potential SPOILERS for the next season of Game of Thrones, as well as the book series, are to be found below, pretty much right from the get go.

When a certain major character failed to appear at the end of Game of Thrones' fourth season, many fans of the books were completely taken aback. We've already taken a look at why it was that they didn't appear - but from the sounds of a recent report from Perez Hilton, we might never see them at all...

SPOILERS kick in now - you can check them out behind the Spoiler-wall below:

In the novels, Catelyn Stark returns at the end of the third book - as a vengeful, zombified monster known as Lady Stoneheart. In the series, though, this doesn't look set to be the case - at least if you believe Michelle Fairley, who played Catelyn.

"Yeah, the character's dead. She's dead."

But, of course, we already knew that - and it doesn't stop her from being resurrected in the novels. The only problem? Fairley didn't stop there:

"You respect the writers' decision. I knew the arc, and that was it. They can't stick to the books 100 percent. It's impossible; they only have 10 hours per season. They have got to keep it dramatic and exciting, and extraneous stuff along the way gets lost in order to maintain the quality of brilliant show."

So - wait? Does that mean we really aren't going to see Lady Stoneheart? Seeing as she gets pretty majorly important as the novels progress, that's HUGE news.

Either that, or Fairley has been given specific instructions to mess with our heads...

Either way, my head is now halfway to exploding...

[Game of Thrones](movie:817617) is set to return in 2015


What do you guys think? Will THAT character return?

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