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Robert Pattinson might be best known for his role as a vampire while Rose McGowan played a witch, but that doesn't mean they can't get along!

On Wednesday the pair joined together to celebrate the 35th birthday of a mutual friend, the director and writer Nicholas Jarecki at No Vacancy in Hollywood.

McGowan shared a snap showing her posing with Pattinson and a group of smiling, happy friends on Instagram the next day.

Take a look at the picture of when stars collide below;

Who knew that they knew each other? Showbiz works in mysterious ways!

And, for once, Rob seems to be safe from dating rumors... According to the Daily Mail, RPatz;

Brought along his new girlfriend, British model Imogen Kerr, 22, who is based in Los Angeles

Well, that's the first that I've heard of them being officially an item... Maybe the newspaper is being a little bit too hasty with their reporting, or maybe there is something us fans have yet to learn. Watch this space!


Do you think Rob is ACTUALLY dating Imogen Kerr now?!

(Source: The Daily Mail )

(Images: Celebrity VIP Lounge, US Weekly)


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