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Fresh off the back of the exciting news that Vincent D'Onofrio will play The Kingpin in Netflix's upcoming Daredevil series, we've received another major piece of casting news: Foggy Nelson will definitely appear - and he's set to be played by...Elden Henson.

Don't know the name? Well, you might well recognize the face.

Henson has previously popped up in The Mighty Ducks series (He was Fulton Reed!) and everyone's favorite Ashton Kutcher time travel drama, The Butterfly Effect. Plus, he's about to get a whole lot more well know, what with appearances lined up in the final two films in The Hunger Games franchise.

The biggest thing about the announcement, though, is the fact that it's an announcement at all. Foggy Nelson is a major part of the back story for Daredevil (and particularly his real identity as Matt Murdoch). He is after all both his law partner, best friend and recurring romantic competitor - so his presence in the show, and the fanfare over Henson's casting, suggests that the series will at least partly focus on Matt Murdoch's everyday life, as well as his super-heroics.

Which, seeing as that's what Netflix does best, is probably a very good thing.

Can we expect to see Murdoch's classic comic book love interest Karen Page to be cast next? Here's hoping...

[Daredevil](series:1168702) is set for release in 2015.


What do you guys think? Which character do you think we'll see cast next?



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