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I know some fans were slightly disappointed with the amount of screentime offered to Godzilla in the Gareth Edwards rebooted movie which bears his name.

Personally, I felt like I got my fill, but if you're still lacking that mighty-toed lizard in your life, there is something for you - a new video game from Namco. But there's a catch... There's always a catch.

As far as we know, the game is currently only to be released in Japan, which is of course Godzilla prime stomping-ground, and exclusively on the PS3. However, that might be a blessing in disguise, because from the looks of the new trailer, it's going to be pretty terrible. Check it out below:

Now, maybe it's just the way the trailers been cut, but from what I can gather it seems that most of the game is spent simply strolling around a city and taking your anger out on industrial facilities.

According to IGN, players will take on the role of Gozilla in a series of "missions", most of which simply concern bulldozing major metropolitan areas. Apparently, the game has drawn most of its inspiration from Ishirō Honda’s original 1954 classic, although Edwards' rebooted franchise does get involved.

Personally, I think this might be fun for about half an hour or if you've had a particularly stressful day, but apart from that I'm not seeing a whole lot here.

At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any plans to release the game outside of Japan, but it's not outside the realms of possibility.


What do you think? Does this Godzilla game look any good?

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