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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I majorly freaked myself out the other day by reading up on horrifying Japanese Urban Legends... and being a horror fan, I naturally went searching for more creepy hair-raisers...

Check out these skin-crawling Japanese tales that are just crying out for a horror movie adaptation...

1. Ako Manto

Man, it's annoying when you run out of TP, isn't it? Well, next time you're digging around in your pockets for an old Kleenex, think of Ako Manto. The vicious toilet specter will appear to the paperless, offering either red or blue TP. You pick the red, you're cut into pieces. Pick the blue, you're strangled.

2. Kiyotaki Tunnel

Built in 1927, Kiyotaki is 444m of dark tunnel, haunted by the ghosts of the laborers who died in its construction. The number 4 is superstitiously avoided in Japan, even more so than 13 is in the US. Motorists have reported losing track of time and seeing ghosts when driving through the tunnel.

3. Inunaki Village

Inunaki is a kind of Japanese The Hills Have Eyes. A busted-up collection of rural shacks, the village bears a sign at the entrance: 'The laws of Japan do not apply here.' Supposedly, its inhabitants indulge in bizarre practices such as incest and cannibalism, and no electronic devices work. Few strangers return from Inunaki.

4. Hitobashira - 'Human Pillars'

This is one DIY item you can't pick up at Home Depot. Various unethical builders in ancient Japan believed that by sealing a human body inside supporting pillars, the structure would be stronger by this sacrifice to the gods.

5. Tomino's Hell

Like a more old-fashioned version of The Ring, Tomino's Hell is a poem by Yomota Inuhiko that is said to kill any who read it aloud. Not the best choice for your local Poetry Slam, then...


Which of these Japanese urban legends freaked you out the most?


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