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Earlier this year, we heard that the Power Rangers, or Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to use the official parlance, would be getting their own 21st Century big screen reboot.

Of course, this is all well and good, but we all really know the Power Rangers' glory years were in the early 1990s - that heady time of Super Nintendo, Jurassic Park and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Let us go back these happy days by going through the 10 things that prove you're a nineties Power Rangers kid.

1. You Owned This Toy

But you only started to arrange them like this when you hit puberty:

2. You Made Your 40 Year Old Parents Sit Though This Movie... About 5 Times

3. You assigned Power Ranger roles to all of your friends and enforced a strict dress code

4. You were too young to think about the huge amounts of human and economic damage which were invariably caused by massive robots fighting in the same city every week

5. You also didn't notice each Power Ranger episode was basically the same

We open with some comic relief courtesy of Bulk and Skull.

Then, "Oh no!". The Putty Patrol attacks

It's now Morphing Time!

This would be followed by the fight with the 'small bad guy of the week'. A lot of this will happen.

Rita Repulsa will do her thing

Then straight into the climatic fight with the 'big bad guy of the week'

And you totally didn't care because each one was awesome.

6. Although you were a little bit disappointed when they decided to simply shoot the bad guy with the Power Blaster and not use the MegaZord

7. You were also too young to realize the WHITE POWER Ranger had a pretty dodgy sounding name...

8. The arrival of the Dragonzord was the most exciting thing... EVER!

9. If you were given the chance, you totally would have worn tight fitting spandex in public

10. And of course, the theme song!

What was your fondest memories of the Power Rangers?


Which was your favorite MMPR zord?


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