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On 28th January 2012 my friends and I queued for two and a half hours so we could attend an open casting call for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Over 3000 showed up but only 800 people were seen by the casting directors before police were called in to shut it down.

Months later I was asked to be an extra as a female dwarf. I'm 5'9" so it was hard to believe it wasn't a joke but nonetheless I showed up on set for my custom costume fittings ahead of filming day.

This was a set outside while we shot indoors
This was a set outside while we shot indoors

On the day of the shoot it took three hours for prosthetic ears and nose, hair (including a beard!), make up and costume to be completed. After we looked the part we had to wait in the catering hall until they were ready for us to shoot, so we did what dwarves do best- ate!

When we finally got on set in the late afternoon we were told our scene involved us running whilst looking distraught and were given our places. After between 10 and 15 retakes of the short scene Peter Jackson's voice boomed over the speakers telling us he had what he needed, we were finished.

After months of waiting for it to be released I finally saw the movie and lo and behold, at the 7.21 mark there I was fleeing for my life from the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) as Smaug the dragon decimated all in his path. Ending up in the final cut of the film was an awesome end to a once in a lifetime experience.

Run, dwarf, run!
Run, dwarf, run!

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