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Ruby Hornet

The Transformers films and I have a sordid past. While I’m not a big fan of the property (my only knowledge of the series comes from a slim memory of the Beast Wars/Beast Machines cartoons on Fox Kids), the first Transformers was my initial break into nerd films and their hype machines. It was the first film I bought a poster for, the first film where I had watched every trailer, and the first film where I anticipated a sequel. While others walked away confused, I loved the heck out of it. But two dubious sequels later, the Transformers name doesn’t garner as much good will as it used to.

But when the first trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction released, I let myself get wrapped up in the hype machine again. Regardless of their overall quality, the Transformers series is always a visual feast. I knew going in that even if I didn’t like what anyone was saying or doing, it was going to look super rad.

Thankfully, if all you’re looking for is slick looking action and shiny things without caring whether or not Transformers has things like “plot,” “pacing,” or “characters” then you’re going to have a great time. Just be willing to sit for three hours.

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