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From writing and directing team Simon Barrett and Aadam Wingard (You're Next) comes The Guest, a thriller about a soldier (Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame) who shows up on the doorstep of the the Peterson family. Claimng to have been a friend of their son who died while in combat, he is welcomed into their home. Well, since this is a Barrett/Wingard effort, "accidental" deaths begin to plague the family after this stranger is welcomed in. Though The Guest is not a typcial horror film, I think we can all agree that Barrett and Wingard know how to deliver the goods. In an early review, Variety called the film a "willfully over the top, giddily violent exercise that is a real kick for genre fans". Rumor has it that the third act, in particular, is excessively gory.

O.K., I don't know how far I am reaching here by assuming that I am not the only lover of horror and gore who also tucks into Downton Abbey, but if Matthew died to be in a Barrett/Wingard production, well, I am definitley not upset about Lady Mary's loss anymore. Besides, who knew Matthew had all of this hiding under that high scoiety garb?

Hello Matthew!
Hello Matthew!

I am an over the top, unapologetic Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett fangirl and I would be excited if they did a Xanadu remake, so, clearly, I already have my place in line to see The Guest. What about you? Do you have high hopes for The Guest or are you not on the Wingard/Barrett fandom train?


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