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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Sylvain Sarrailh, a French illustrator continues their streak of famous childhood icons turned... BADASSES with a dark-side! I must admit that Sylvain's work has really grown on me. From the moment I saw "Megaman BADASS", I was like what the (bleep!). Before you look at the pictures below I must warn you, some images might scar your innocent mind... Oh well, good luck!

Megaman BADASS:

It's a small robot that goes everywhere, no it is not your robot vacuum but Megaman!
Dr. Light designed Megaman to save the world from Dr. Willy terrible projects. Particularly effective, Megaman has transformed all the molecules of the body of Dr. Willy as pineapple juice. The world is now at peace, this genius Dr. Light can now savor every morning an excellent fruit juice as Megaman, his android service is responsible for storing the garage and mowing the lawn.

Sonic the Hedgehog BADASS:

It runs very fast and loves to pose, not Usain Bolt, but Sonic the Hedgehog.
Like all athletes obsessed with the idea of ​​maintaining their record, Sonic also involves the consumption of more than doubtful products to reach the highest level in speed competitions. Anabolic, calf blood, steroids, Sonic indulgent and starts each day with a big bowl of bull hormones and increasing cobra protein. He spends the rest of his day to make synthol injections in the arms and various training exercises to gain muscle as huge as pumpkins

Donkey Kong BADASS:

He is a bit stupid, he cries and gets upset over nothing, no it is not your concierge but Donkey Kong.
Accompanied by his faithful Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong make rules his jungle. Rodeo rhino stolen, fight with crocodiles from the nearby Aztec city, traffic bananas in stairwells and kidnapping of koalas, everyday is worthy of the most dangerous gangs on the west coast.
But although Donkey can proclaim himself king of apes, he still has a grudge to settle to a certain Italian plumber who would swoop him stopping his girlfriend of the time there it has more than 30 years.

Adventure Time BADASS:

Finn, the guy in hoodie and Jake, the magical pug, travel the world wonderful world of Oooo in search of adventure, treasure and princesses in distress. Oooo being the second name of the Burning Man festival, it is clear that the treasures Finn and Jack are looking forward are their doses of psychotropic and princesses in distress turn out to be old hippy with a hangover after at the party the previous night.

The Pink Panther BADASS:

She is enigmatic and looks like a big gum chewing , no it is not the queen elizabeth, but the Pink Panther !
To play hide and seek with Inspector Clouseau on a jazzy air was a fun time, but the instinct of feline Panther Rose took over. After tubby tibia of a little too curious policeman and devoured the intestines of a zookeeper , panther became a gourmet specializing in human flesh that now allows her to design her own menu

Hello Kitty BADASS:

She has white hair and she is the epitome of kitsch, this is not the Queen of England but Hello Kitty.
Many little girls and adult with regressive tastes carry on their schoolbags or shells phones a colorful reference to their idol Hello Kitty. But most of her fans are far from suspecting the real behavior of their favorite feline. With his cemetery breath due to a diet rich in block rodents, Hello Kitty could repel an army of pit bulls, and even when the mouth closes, her urinary incontinence causes a lot of damage on the luxurious furnishings of the gigantic corporation which she is president.

Beetlejuice BADASS:

He is famous corpse from eighties, no it is not Robert Smith but Beetlejuice!
The most famous undead in cartoon universe may well have had his moment of glory, but he is now ruined after all spent in the purchase of overpriced brains he kept for personal consumption.
In order to pay off his debts, Beetlejuice now runs small magic shows with his assistant Lydia in nursing homes, the only place where the smell of tenants is similar to his fragrance.

Bowser BADASS:

He kidnaps young women to lock them in the cellar, no it is not Ariel Castro but Bowser, King Koopa.
Play the role of mutant turtle King is not so easy for Bowser because despite his ugly face, there is a little heart that beats beneath his pungent shell. Complexed with his dinosaur looks overweight and very anxious about going out in public, Bowser wanted to have with him an makeover expert, the Princess Peach, specialist of kitsch. Unfortunately things have been misunderstood and what should be an invitation to the princess turned into a kidnapping then starting a war in the mushroom kingdom. So he wanted only to find a nice dress to her waist, Bowser must now fight against these two stupid plumbers continually ransacking his apartments.

Princess Zelda BADASS:

Constantly locked in different dungeons by her enemies, no it is not the singer of Pussy Riot, but the princess Zelda!
Play the princess in distress is not to the taste of Zelda, tired of playing the ocarina pending a heroic knight while this moron Link waist high grass and breaks dishes in search of rubies to buy better boots. It is time to reverse the roles, it is the turn of Zelda to browse Hyrule and go cut her enemies while Link is fiddling by this evil Ganondorf in his dungeons.


She spends her time nose in books and hates sports, no it is not your librarian but Daria.
Could not stand the grind of the American middle class, Daria and her best friend Jane left the United States to settle in London, the European capital where conformism seemed more accepted. Unfortunately the grass is not greener elsewhere and human stupidity will always be around to insult the intelligence of Jane and Daria. Since the dialectic can not break bricks, the two philosophers apprentices have seized bats and crowbars to break the jaws of the stupid sophists.

Sailor Moon BADASS:

After shaved skull with a hatchet during the MTV awards, the former costumed vigilante was drunk presented in court during her trial for indecent assault she had caused showing her chest at Disney world.
But don't judge Sailor Moon , because in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the former child star revealed with tears her attitude to him was requested by her producers to make the buzz in a particularly prudish and conservative media landscape.


He likes children ride him, no it is not Michael Jackson but Yoshi the dinosaur!
Yoshi, stronger than a pony, is not far from approaching the status of the ultimate predator. By laying eggs faster than a spider fertilized, Yoshi has to find enough things to feed her hungry brood future, which gives us an idea of ​​the destination of the young Mario...

Bomberman BADASS:

He laying mines everywhere in the hope that you walked in, no it is not the cartaker's dog but Bomberman!
Since his first appearance on Super Nintendo, Bomberman and his friends continue to play apprentice terrorists in the corridors of their madhouse. So far, the medics replaced tubes of dynamites by tubes of toothpaste and bombs by balloons. Crazy but not stupid, Bomberman escaped and plans to finish his career with a kamikaze finale by blowing into a One Direction concert

South Park BADASS:

There are four, they never seem to grow old and do anything to get noticed, no it is not the Rolling Stones but Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny from South Park.
Coming from a city that seemed eternally snowy, Stan and his band have been surprised by global warming in their region. Finished jackets and parkas, the people of South Park only wear shorts, more convenient to cross the many floods taking place downtown. Battles snow ball were replaced by fighting with stones, most effective way to shut Cartman.

Calvin and Hobbes BADASS:

He talks to himself with an imaginary friend, no it is not your old catechism teacher, but Calvin and his trusty Hobbes.
Everyone thinks that the young Calvin too much imagination to talk to his stuffed tiger and imagine stories in his company, but the truth is stranger than what you might think.
The young Calvin is actually from the Hobbes imagination, a large Bengali tiger tired of his role as predator. This big cat with sharp teeth often indulges imagine a life other than the Darwinian world of his tropical jungle. After pummeled with a bunch of crocodiles and raced a stupid warthog, Hobbes thought he would probably prefer to play the console and watching cartoons together with the boy which serves as imaginary friend.

The Little Mermaid BADASS:

She swims very quickly and makes bubbles when she speaks, no it is not Missy Franklin but Ariel the little mermaid.
Now ! Music ! :
♫ Under the sea, under the sea, ♪
There's no oxygen,
Ugly moray eels,
Nasty fish
Too much pressure. ♪
♫ Stung by a manta ray,
Sharks will eat the arms,
We asphyxia, it makes bubbles,
Under the Sea!
Under the Sea! ♫
Under the Sea!
Under the Sea! ♪
There's children's bodies!
♫ Death is great,
Better than on earth, I tell you.
Yes, I tell you! ♪
♫ For embolism or cardiac arrest
Your heart explodes after an attack. ♪
It was full of teeth!
To shred you quietly!
Under the Sea! ♫
Under the Sea! ♫
Under the Sea! ♪

Green Giant BADASS:

After many chained diarrhea due to a limited diet with vegetables, the green giant took the risk to test GMOs for increase in muscle mass organizations. The result was not long in coming, his muscles suddenly developed but the impact on his brain are catastrophic as those of the mad cow. The green giant now has the IQ of a sponge and ravaging everything in his path taking kindergartens for a pantry and public pools for toilets.


He's unbearable, does everything to get noticed and tells pathetic jokes, no it is not Shia Labeouf but Alf the alien!
Alf was the hero of a TV show in 80s based registered deafening laughter and actors pretending to enjoy. Despite a hundred episodes, the fury alien was quickly sent to the dustbin of studio productions. We can now cross Alf host sausage stand in supermarkets.
With his design chewbacca mixed with a butter croissant, Alf is perfect chalenger for the contest of the ugliest creature of all the audiovisual landscape.

Angry Birds BADASS:

They are angry, they shout and bite at any opportunity, no it is not the Tea Party, but the Angry Birds!
These birds, probably from a Hitchcock film on LSD, make war with pigs colorblind colors. Despite an attempt to UN mediation to find peace between the two factions, guano droppings continue to be drawn and the conflict will probably end in a bath of liquid manure

Woody from Toy Story BADASS:

He gives the appearance of a cowboy but he is a real manipulated puppet, no it is not George W. Bush but Woody from the movie Toy Story.
Accompanied by his faithful Slinky Dog, Woody sets his foot where he wants and it is often in the face. As a self-proclaimed Sheriff Andy's room, Woody maketh law around him with his colts plastic. But in a child's room, the opportunities to take a bullet in the head of a bandit are rare and everyday Sheriff boils down to storing dirty underpants.

Rugrats BADASS:

They crawl, hide under tables and they put anything in their mouths, no it is not the xenomorphs, but the Rugrats.
The team is composed by Tommy with his premature baldness, Chuckie who is afraid of his own hands and the siamese called Phil and Lil Lumps nickname. Curious and full enlightenment, these charming toddlers spend their days drawing abstract art on the walls with many body fluids discharging their bodys, what make them perfect future students art school!

The Lion King BADASS:

He is a son of despot who intends to maintain his authority over his territory, no it is not any African dictator, but Simba the lion king.
After a forced exile after the coup of his uncle Scar helped proletarians hyenas, Simba is tired of his vegan diet of tofu insects and intends to reinstate his monarchy by divine right. Devour all his political opponents and overthrow the Scar's new republic was not complicated because it could still count on the support of his royal court seeking to recover their old privileges. The biggest problem Simba now is to force him not to skewer and eat Timon and Pumba.

Dora the Explorer BADASS:

She has a bowl cut and a rasping voice, no it is not Mireille Mathieu but Dora the Explorer!
Accompanied by Boots, her perverse monkey, Dora finished exploring uncharted territory of her vegetable garden and now wanders in far more dangerous places: New York. After battling rush hour subway and shopping malls, Dora has plans to move to climb the Statue of Liberty. But for that it will take first exit the police station where she is in custody for possession of a weapon bow and many indecent assault of her monkey.

The Smurfs BADASS:

It is a place run by an old red head dressing and where all people have determined their default functions and they face an enemy who wants to turn them into gold, no it is not Soviet but the village of Smurfs!
Now that Trotskyist smurf glasses has been executed, the proletarian revolution can begin. Finite individuality of tasks, each fellow smurfs will have a only one profession: soldier. The training will be supervised by the hefty smurf and the high command led by the great patriarch beard. Concerning explosives of this social traitor smurf jester, they serve as a weapon of mass destruction against their treacherous capitalist enemies: the sorcerer Gargamel and Azrael his ally.

Lisa and Bart Simpson BADASS:

They make a lot of noise and are brother and sister, no it is not the withes Stripes but Lisa and Bart Simpson.
Tired of their antics neighbors and their so mainstream life, Bart and Lisa have chosen to flee boring suburb of Springfield and do their studies at San Francisco. With her BMX fixed gear and electronic cigarette, Lisa bartered his sax against a ukulele and can finally live her hipster life without fear her classmates. Bart now flourishes in California punk culture and currently auditioning to join the team of Jackass. Gone is the time of Krusty Burgers and Itchy and Scratchy Show, up to scented with ginger tofu, Lana Del Rey and tattoos pixel art to have a lifestyle conforms to nonconformity!

The Power Puffgirls BADASS:

They are the result of a strange and frightening scientific operation, no it is not phosphorescent sheeps in Uruguay, but the Powerpuff Girls.
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, tired of the experience which submitted Professor Utonium, decided to escape the laboratory through the front door. Result: Professor Utonium reduced to gazpacho and military guards dismembered an average of 17 pieces per person. It is now the turn of the girls to give spanked!


Cute when he was little and growing unbearable, no it is not your incontinent labrador but Bambi.
Bambi grown up, but yet little matured and always tries to play with his friends in the forest forgetting skewers that have grown on his skull. Now is the right time for him to avenge the responsible for the loss of his mother. A hunter will soon be eligible for a very special acupuncture session...

Buzz Lightyear BADASS:

"Convinced to be a hero when he is only a manipulable toy", this is not the classical description of candidates from reality TV but Buzz Lightyear!
After ten years of therapy with his ​​psychiatrist, Buzz finally admitted his identity articulated plastic figurine. But despite the many anti-depressants he swallows, his trauma haunt his nightmares and it causes seizures sometimes causing the murders of his friends from toy box.

My Little Pony BADASS:

They walk on all fours and do not wear clothes, no it is not pornographic film actors but the Little Ponies!
Although half their herd has been decimated by recent scandals horsemeat, the Littles Ponys still happily frolicking on the arcs in the sky to entertain nostalgic adutl in full crisis regressive thirties. Well, this has been done, now I think I'll have to install a security door to my apartment after the many enemies that I just got done on these last words.

Alice in Wonderland BADASS:

She is blonde, whimsical and many psychiatrists have studied his case, no it is not Courtney Love, but Alice in Wonderland.
Yet the strange behavior of Alice does not come from any psychiatric problem, but from the contents of uncle Jojo's garden. Every summer, Alice spent her days in the garden containing any type of colorful plants and muschroom and she discoveredthe world of psychotropic drugs. A magical worldwhere cats glow in the dark, where fingers grows on your head, where is honest politicians, a world where Miley Cyrus wears clothes and where knowledge and wealth are shared. What a world of illusion!

Ronald McDonald BADASS:

He puts his toys in food, dresses in yellow pajamas and still has an evil smile on his lips, no it is not your three years cousin, but Ronald McDonald!
Since the famous fastfood franchise has decided to change the red color by green, that psychoRonald was relegated to kitchens as attendant ketchup and made ​​the thing in its own way ... Happy meal menus now contain small circular saws for boys, land-mines scented strawberry for girls and cyanide to put in the grandfather's soda to make the meal a joyous event!

DuckTales BADASS:

Who is a billionaire, does not wear pants and harassed by his nephews? No it is not Donald Trump but Uncle Scrooge!
With its generic particularly catchy, DuckTales was one of the best cartoon of the late 80s.
But since the subprime crisis and the adventures of Bernard Madoff, Scrooge finds himself now as helpless as his nephew Donald unemployed for more than twenty years.
Determined to help their uncle, Huey Dewey and Louie were equipped with mercenaries from Eastern countries to have the right equipment to embark on the adventure of unbridled capitalism.

Shrek and Donkey BADASS:

What is fat, trying to hide his true nature, scares children and who hates foreigners on his territory? No it is not Rob Ford but Shrek!
After four films trying to behave like a gentleman, Shrek finally return to its true nature of sociopathic ogre. Now away from the cameras, he can now breathe and regain its peaceful activity : torturer cook. Finished the diet of carrots and marshmallows, place for children caramelized kidneys and ​​widow's eye cream!

Mario and Luigi BADASS:

Mario & Luigi spend their time walking on turtles and breaking bricks to impress Princess Peach.
Yet these two mutts Mario and Luigi should understand that after more than 30 years doing somersaults everywhere, a princess is not interested by plumbers with mustaches. Although the plumber occupation is an activity incidental to the many community sports for the brothers to hats: Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Smash Football, Mario Curling and so on. It only needs hopscotch and the Mikado to complete all the competitions performed by Mario. I would not be surprised to see them tested positive for doping and anabolic.

Winnie the Pooh BADASS:

Winnie the Pooh inaugurates a new series of fanarts. I decided to mutate the cute characters from our childhood to make them a little more badass to expand their audience. I hope Disney thank me otherwise by sending me a horde of lawyers to beat me shots briefcases and criminal code.
I have a list of patients to be mutated in the same way as the teletubbies or Denver the last dinosaur, but if you look at other iconic characters to mix with my graphics tablet, I'm interested!

To see more of Sylvain Sarrailh's artwork visit their deviantART page.

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(Source: Tohad via deviantART)


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