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It has been months since Matt Smith's beloved doctor regenerated in the Christmas special. I was a huge fan of Smith's doctor so I was devastated to see him leave the show but now I can't wait for August 23rd to see Peter Capaldi's Doctor take over.

Earlier today the BBC released a poster and a trailer to tie whovians over until August 23rd. The first episode of series 8 will be called Deep Breath, which is what I am doing right now to calm myself. *In and out, in and out*

The trailer is only fifteen seconds and shows the new Doctor asking his companion Clara Oswald if he is a good man. Clara replies by saying she doesn't know who the Doctor is anymore. And right now I find myself agreeing with Clara! Who is this new Doctor? He seems to be completely different than his past selves which is terrifying yet exciting!

What do you think of the trailer and who is excited for series 8? And the most important question of all, do you know who the doctor is? Tell me in the comments!



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