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If the above picture makes you uncomfortable, it should. This and two other shocking illustrations of Disney Princesses fending off unwanted fatherly advances are part of a sexual assault awareness campaign by the artist known as Saint Hoax. As the cigarette style warning on the bottom of the poster notes "46% of minors who are raped are victims of family members."

A message on the artist's web site ( notes that these "Princest Diaries" illustrations are:

"An awareness campaign targeting minors who have been subject to sexual abuse by a family member. The aim of the poster series is to encourage victims to report their cases in order for the authorities to prevent it from happening again."

In an interview with Yahoo movies Saint Hoax explained the inspiration behind the campaign:

“I recently learned that one of my closest friends was molested by her father when she was seven," the artist wrote. "It took her 14 years to be able to share that traumatizing experience. That story shocked me to my core. ... I used Disney princesses because it's a visual language that my targeted audience would be attracted to.”

Disney is standing behind the artist and has publicly endorsed all the images.

What do you think? Are these images appropriate or inappropriate? Are they clear enough for the abused child to understand and follow through on? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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