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This morning we got hold of these behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron showing Chris Hemsworth back in action as Thor!

He is presumably filming a fight scene, as the shots show him in the woods, wielding his hammer as he leaps up and down on a giant piece of equipment (sorry, no idea what the actual name for it is!).

Seriously - what IS that thing called?
Seriously - what IS that thing called?

This is bound to be yet another incredible scene, but the real question is, who is he fighting? The cape is blowing in the wind, he's clearly taking someone down, but this isn't a hand-to-hand scene (at least, they aren't filming that part of it) because there are no other main actors present. Just Hemsworth.

We do also get to see a clip of the stuntmen practicing their moves, maybe falling away from a flying Mjolnir? If this is the case, it's another suggestion that he isn't fighting just one opponent. Is he up against the minions on his own, or is the big bad with them?

That even looks a little like Jeremy Renner on the right - could Thor be battling against Hawkeye? Or is this stunt against a different opponent? It is very possible that this is just another scene shot in the same woods (as we all know, it's not as though movies are shot in order!!) or it could suggest that there will be a much larger battle happening in this scene!

Is Hemsworth the only one shooting because this is a minor scuffle, or could these be the first shots from a huge fight scene? It would seem odd to have a major battle in the woods; usually they take place somewhere with a lot of potential for destruction.

No matter what is going on though, we know that Thor's hair is going to look fantastic!!

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