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Okay guys, so I was thinking about the new Superman/Batman movie coming out in May 2016, and I was trying to come up with what I thought would be a good storyline for the movie given the information we have so far. As of now, we have the casting information for Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Alfred Pennyworth, as well as a bunch of other returning cast members from Man of Steel and a bunch of other actors and actresses who have been cast anonymously so that we don't know who they are playing quite yet. Other than that we just have information on a few scenes filmed: a football game attended by both Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, some scene with Diana Prince, some other scene with Lex Luthor (with hair!), and then a few scenes involving a huge Superman statue, one scene featuring the assembled statue and one featuring a the statue that appears destroyed, surrounded by cops placing flowers and stuff at the remains of what were Superman's feet. Well, I figured I'd try to come up with a movie out of that stuff, and this is how I'd want it to play out. Now, given, this isn't how I'd picture the perfect Batman v. Superman movie, it's just the best I could come up with out of the information we've been given so far. Sorry for the length...

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman in the cave.
Batman in the cave.

So the movie would open up with Zod's initial contact: the "You are Not Alone" segment from Man of Steel, and then would unfold into a bunch of news footage panning over the screen, showing a bunch of reporters and displaying wreckage throughout Metropolis as a result of Zod and Superman's fight. Footage from the fight is seen (at different angles than were shown in Man of Steel, obviously, since there weren't exactly cameras following them around), and you can hear reporters relaying information about recovery and whatnot. They talk about Superman defeating Zod, about LexCorp's involvement in the rebuilding of Metropolis, about more heroics from Superman and his aid in the recovery of the city, and then even some interviews with Superman himself, asking about him, who he is, and what more he knows about Zod and if there is anyone else out there like him. One video displays Superman making a comment about his strict policy against not killing and how he had no option but to kill Zod. Part of the fake documentary on Krypton [that was featured on the Man of Steel DVD] is featured, showing information that scientists have discovered on the Man of Steel's home planet. More headlines pass by the screen ("Last Son of Krypton?", "Just Who is Superman?", "Superman: Friend or Foe?", etc.), and then the camera zooms out, revealing that all of these footages are playing on various computers set up in a dark cavern. A man in a dark suit with a cape sits in a big chair in front of all the computers, his face facing away from the screen and with a cowl sitting on the desk to his side. The cape sits on the floor and the man is obviously in deep thought as he watches all the news coverage. He taps his finger on the desk, and we see a shot of a manila folder on that desk, with pictures of Superman and with a list of all the superpowers he has displayed. The folder is labeled "Kal-El/Superman." Next, we hear footsteps, and an elderly butler appears at the man's side: "May I get you anything, Master Wayne?"

The man turns to the butler and nods his head, his eyes distant. "Yeah, Alfred. Book me a meeting with LexCorp--Luthor himself--something involving recovery and aid. We're going to Metropolis."

At this point the title and logo show up on the screen along with Zimmer's epic soundtrack.


Next, we see Clark and Lois, arm in arm, walking into a football stadium. They hand the man their tickets and then proceed to take their seats, talking the entire time. It is established very quickly that Clark is on assignment--he is supposed to do a report on the game for the Daily Planet--and decided to bring Lois along; they've kind of been seeing each other. A comment is made on how Steve Lombard was really bugged with the fact that the "newbie" could get a date with Lois even though he'd been trying so hard for so many years, and an explanation is given for why Lois isn't dating Superman, despite the kiss they shared in the first movie. Throughout the interaction, it is obvious that Clark has been working on his bumbling, mild-mannered, and geeky persona, more of a show for everyone else rather than Lois, who already knows his secret.

Cutting scenes, we see Bruce Wayne step out of a limo with a woman on each arm, smiling at the press as he makes his way into the stadium as well, where he takes his own seat. He takes out some binoculars and, instead of watching the game, focuses his sight on Clark, who is excitedly chatting with Lois. Bruce writes some information on a notepad and then puts the binoculars away, smiling and putting on a big show of being the crazy, playboy billionaire that he "is."

After the game, Clark drops Lois off at her apartment, and they share a kiss before he leaves. She exits and he begins to walk back to his own apartment, crossing through an alley in order to do so. All of a sudden, he clutches his heart and falls to the ground, his glasses falling off of him. A faint humming sound is heard and a green light glows behind him. He flips onto his back and looks up to see a hooded figure standing there, holding a green rock in his hand, illuminating the rest of his form.

"You're..." Clark stutters.

"Yeah, I'm Batman," the man replies, stepping closer to Clark. Clark crawls backwards, still clenching his heart. He eyes the green rock.

"Wh...what is that?"

"This? This is what gives me the upper hand," Batman says back, once again stepping closer to Clark. "I want to make something clear: I know who you are, Kent, and I don't trust you; you may be able to hide from the rest of the world, but you can't hide from me. I will always be not one, but ten, twenty, thirty steps ahead of you. The rest of the world may trust you, but I don't, not one bit. I want to make the message clear that I'm watching you, and I know everything about you. Everything."

And like that, Batman is gone, the green rock with him. Clark struggles to his feet and makes his way back to Lois's apartment. She brings him in and he explains what just happened, still sweating and out of breath.

The next day we see Bruce Wayne getting out of another limo, this time at LexCorp, and right away he looks across the street and sees a woman in a blue dress (Diana Prince) getting out of a car just outside the street. They make eye contact and share a look of understanding, implying they know one another's identities (Batman and Wonder Woman) and are secretly plotting together. They don't say any words to each other and go their separate ways. Wayne makes his way to Luthor's office (about thirty stories in the air), where we are greeted by an iconic shot of Lex standing at the curtain wall before him, hands behind his back as he looks out and admires his city and its reconstruction. Luthor sports a full head of long hair. He makes a comment on how Metropolis is his city and how much he loves it and then turns, smiles, and greets Bruce. Bruce doesn't seem near as cheery to see him, but shakes his hand nonetheless and they sit down. Throughout the meeting, they discuss reconstruction of Metropolis, with Luthor making multiple negative comments about the Man of Steel, refusing to call him Superman and only calling him an "alien". Wayne doesn't say anything in regards to Superman, apparently trying to appear neutral. He has a good poker face. He is purely business and seems slightly agitated by Luthor's young and juvenile attitude. At one point he says, "Hey kid, I know you may be new to all this, but you need to get your stuff together. If we wanna help this city, you're going to need to straighten up," to which Lex would suddenly shift, giving us a clear view of the dynamics of his character as we can suddenly see the seriousness in his persona.

"Mr. Wayne, there is nothing I want more than to help this city."

Lex walks Bruce down to the lobby, and as Bruce leaves, Clark enters, and the two make eye contact. Bruce gives Clark the evil eye, and Clark pieces things together really quickly. His eyes grow wide, but he covers it quickly. He greets Mr. Luthor, and it is revealed that Clark is there for a meeting as well: he is to report on Luthor's findings at the LexCorp research center. The two get in a car together and begin heading to the research lab.

While in the car, Clark begins to interview Luthor, jotting answers down on paper. Luthor is quick and witty and extremely charismatic, and in no time he has worked the conversation around so that Clark is the one being interviewed rather than him. At one point he comes really close to making Clark trip up and unintentionally give away his identity, but Clark changes the subject. Lex gives a little half-smile and a hmph, but says no more. It is implied that, just as Batman and Lois had, he sees through Clark's persona.

The LexCorp research facility.
The LexCorp research facility.

They arrive at the LexCorp facility, and it is revealed that LexCorp has teamed up with STAR Labs to perform experiments for the "betterment of mankind." Luthor gives Clark a personal tour, showing him multiple experiments they are performing (emphasis on one particular project, an intelligence enhancing project, performed on a young adult named Victor Stone...another one involves them training a young and physically fit man named Hank Henshaw for some sort of upcoming manned space mission funded by LexCorp). At one point in the tour, they reach a heavily guarded area, and when Clark questions it, Luthor smiles and says "There are some thing that must remain confidential even to you, Mr. Kent," and it is unclear whether he is saying it should remain confidential to the press, or it should remain confidential to Superman. Clark seems uneasy, and tries to use his x-ray vision to see inside. No luck; the room is lined with lead. The duo conclude their interview.

Over dinner, Lois and Clark discuss his meeting with Luthor, and Clark comments about the short interaction he had with Bruce, and how he suspects Bruce is Batman. They talk about the encounter of the previous night, and try to brainstorm what that green rock could have been. Lois makes a few funny comments to try to lighten the mood. Clark seems worried. He says that he is going to go investigate the lab sometime soon, because that confidential room seemed awfully suspicious. Lois reminds him that he better wait until the next night, because Superman has a big day the next day: the mayor is unveiling a statue of Superman in Centennial Park, a park that has been constructed out of the flattened area left by the Black Zero during the terraforming of the first movie.

The statue of Superman.
The statue of Superman.

The next day, Superman is up on stage next to the mayor, standing before a few thousand people as they gather to watch the unveiling of the statue. Bruce, Lex, Lois, Perry, and even Martha Kent are shown in the audience. The statue is unveiled and the audience erupts into applause. All of a sudden, Superman hears a loud ringing noise and blasts off unexpectedly, leaving the audience in shock. He zooms through the air at top speed, following the sound until he is halfway around the world, in the ruined area of the Indian Ocean -- where the world engine had been in Man of Steel. A man emerges from the ocean, introducing himself as Orin, the King of Atlantis. He says that he has been wanting to speak with Superman for quite some time, but really couldn't find the words. He says that initially he was upset with Superman for the disturbance he caused in the seas, but after cooling down he realized that if not for the actions Superman took, he would not be alive long enough to stay angry. He displays a bit of a sense of humor but also appears to be a fierce warrior. He tells Superman that he is indebted to him and that he is at Superman's beck and call if ever he needs him. Superman thanks him and they depart.

That night, Superman sneaks into LexCorp and makes his way to the confidential project, surprised that all the security cameras are seemingly turned off. He grabs the handle and begins to twist the handle, and...

"This is why I don't trust you." Batman is standing there next to him.

"What's in here?" Superman asks.

"Don't act like you don't know. This was your plan the whole time, wasn't it? Gain our trust and then release your greatest weapon upon all of us and take over the world? You didn't want Zod to be in power; you wanted to rule us all." He takes out the green rock and Superman falls to the ground.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he breaths. Batman kicks him in the face, sending blood flying. Fighting through the pain Superman gets a second burst of energy, and they begin to brawl, Superman fighting the equivalent of a regular man, using pretty terrible form. BAtman displays his vast martial arts knowledge, and despite being older, he easily knocks the weakened Superman backwards. At one point Superman gets a lucky shot in, though, and knocks the green rock away from Batman, rolling behind a lead-lined wall. Superman grabs Batman by the neck and looks at him, being sure not to squeeze too hard. Batman shows no fear.

DOOMSDAY breaking free.
DOOMSDAY breaking free.

All of a sudden, there is a banging from the inside of the confidential project room, and the door blasts open, sending the two superheroes flying backwards. A huge being steps forward and, without paying any attention to Batman or Superman, barrels through the labs at a super speed, trashing everything along his path and tearing through rooms. He leaps into the air and escapes, heading towards downtown Metropolis. The still weak Superman pushes out of the rubble, and Batman does the same. "What was that thing?" Superman asks.

"You really didn't know?" Batman says, seemingly confused for the first time in his life as he realizes that maybe Superman isn't as untrustworthy as he seemed. "He's one of you, he's Kryptonian...He's Doomsday for all of us if we don't stop him."

Superman sees an injured body lying amidst the rubble and recognizes it as Victor Stone, the testee he had seen yesterday. "I'll run him up to STAR Labs main location; you go after that thing. I'll catch up as soon as possible." Batman nods, hops in the Batmobile, and zooms off.

Batman phones someone: "Diana, we have an issue. You know that LexCorp project i was telling you about? He's broken free, and Superman had nothing to do with it. Get ready, because he's coming your way." Batman looks at the clock, and then mutters something about there being "thirty minutes until daybreak...we've gotta move fast." He knows that Kryptonians are powered by the sun, and he knows they are no match for the beast when at full strength.

Wonder Woman v. Doomsday
Wonder Woman v. Doomsday

Batman and Wonder Woman try their best to fend off the monster, but Batman's "kryptonite," as he calls it, seems to barely even phase him. The monster clobbers them around the city, destroying stuff that had just been rebuilt and destroying some stuff that they hadn't even gotten to rebuilding yet. Superman finally shows up right and daybreak and makes contact with the monster, having a greater effect than the two others had had combined. He tells the others to fall back and get whatever civilians are out this early in the morning to safety, and to make sure that they don't try to get out on the streets. Batman is reluctant but nods, realizing just how trustworthy and honorable Superman really is. Batman isn't much for being a public superhero, but he heads Superman's instructions and helps get people to safety. Superman and the monster -- Doomsday, now free of his green clothing -- knock each other back and forth, crashing into all sorts of things. At one point, Doomsday swings Superman like a baseball abt through his recently unveiled statue.

A news coverage provided by Cat Grant for a news station funded by LexCorp states that security coverage from outside the LexCorp building shows that Batman and Superman were both in the building when Doomsday was released, and that it is suspected that they let him free. Lex is trying to sabotage them, knowing good and well that the beast broke free.

The day progresses and Superman tries to bring the fight away from the city and more to the countryside so as to spare people's lives, but Doomsday fights to keep the fight in the city, lusting as much blood as possible. At one point Superman and Doomsday land in the water, and Aquaman -- Orin -- shows up to give Superman a breather, apparently having heard of the commotion. He causes a distraction, and just as Doomsday is about to clobber him, Superman Superman punches -- yes, he Superman punches -- Doomsday out of the water and through a building, where he crash lands into the street right in front of the Daily Planet building. Despite Batman and Wonder Woman's warnings, Lois and Perry and many others are out watching the mayhem go down. A young photographer runs forward and tries to snap a few pictures. He wears a Superman pin on his jacket, and it is obvious that he idolizes the hero (*cough cough Jimmy Olsen*).

Superman and Doomsday exchange a few more blows, and then finally, with all the breath they have, exchange one final stroke of energy and blast each other, and then they both collapse into the ground, having created a crater with that final punch. Lois, in shock, accidentally yells out "Clark!!!" and runs forward, placing Superman's bleeding body in her lap (out of shock, no one will have really noticed her comment). She is wailing, telling him it'll be alright.

"Did I do it?" he asks, struggling to sit up.

"Yeah, you did it. You killed him." She looks over at the dead monster to the side.

He smiles, and with one last breath, his head falls backwards. Lois cradles his head and cries.

The death of Superman
The death of Superman

The screen pans over the sad faces of the crowd, watching as their symbol of hope passes on to the afterlife.

The next scene shows a funeral procession. A casket with a red 'S' logo is lowered into the ground at the base of the now demolished statue in Centennial Park, but it is stated that the statue -- and the entire park and entire city -- will be rebuilt once again. Lex Luthor is seen standing on the front row, the top of his head wrapped in bandages (presumably a result of being injured during the battle; this is how he will lose his hair), and Bruce Wayne walks up and stands next to him, Diana Prince at his arm. They all bow their heads and listen at the final eulogy is given. A brief shot of Martha Kent is shown, standing at the back of the crowd, tears streaming down her eyes. Pete Ross stands next to her, an arm around her. The casket is lowered into the vault and the vault is sealed.

Next scene: Luthor is standing in his office and looking out at the city once again, and then makes the same comment that he had made to Bruce earlier in the movie. Batman steps from the shadows, revealing that even he couldn't sneak up on Lex. "I know what you did, Luthor. You killed him."

Luthor shows no signs of regret. He is smug. "I didn't kill him. Doomsday killed him."

"But you knew Doomsday would escape. You knew that Superman would try to save us all. You knew he'd tell us to back off. You knew he would die."

"That doesn't change the fact that Doomsday killed him."

"You're a madman, Luthor. Psychotic. Evil."

"Me, a madman? A psycho? An evil genius?" Luthor said, smiling and turning back around to face the window. "No, I don't think so. As I've told you before: there is nothing I want more than to help this city."

Roll credits.

BONUS: After credits scene.

Now, I have two possibilities for this:

  • Version 1: The camera pans throughout STAR Laboratories, where Victor Stone is once again on the testing table, but now with mechanical limbs. His eyes open and the movie ends.
  • Version 2: Wonder Woman stands next to Aquaman and a recently revived Victor Stone, now half cyborg. Batman emerges from the shadows and announces "You may have wondered why I gathered each of you here. Well, Superman was a great man, and he had a lot to offer this world. But we have to face the facts: he isn't here anymore, but the threats are as evident as ever. We need to fill his shoes, but none of us can do that by ourselves. We have to come together, to form some sort of league, where we, as a single unit, can take down our greatest foes and bring justice to all mankind. We can't rely on Superman anymore to save us from aliens or whoever attacks. We need to be prepared. Now I have but one question. Are you in?" End of movie.


Obviously there would be more scenes in the movie to help establish some of the characters, but these are all of the plot altering scenes I thought should be included. This isn't how I'd picture the perfect "World's Finest" movie, but given the information we have so far, it's the best I could come up with.


Who should be the main villain of "Dawn of Justice"?


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