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With the stunning success of the Avengers film, the anticipation of the sequel, the promising Guardians of the Galaxy coming soon to theaters, and the long awaited Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie in the works, it's safe to say the only thing people like more than superhero movies are superhero team-up movies.

As the superhero movie genre continues to evolve, it can only be expected that the superhero teams will continue to be successful. Surely, we can hope to see some more superhero teams making it to the big screen. The Avengers, and Marvel Studios for that matter, did something remarkable by making characters like Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor household names. With that in mind, what other Marvel teams have a chance for similar big screen glory?

Well here's some times I think have what it takes to make a great Marvel movie:

Secret Avengers:

Secret Avengers #1: Marvel Now!
Secret Avengers #1: Marvel Now!

Line-up: Nick Fury Jr, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, M.O.D.O.K., Maria Hill, Agent Coulson

*Warning Spoilers*

As the Avengers lineup continues to grow, it natural characters are going to need to be shifted around. With Nick Fury going underground at the end of Captain America 2: Winter Soldier, the popularity of Agent Coulson and the relative minor roles characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye have played in comparison to their fellow Avengers, it just makes sense. Nick Fury Jr. could easily just be Nick Fury, and though Spider Woman is a lesser known character but with the upcoming Luke Cage TV show and Jessica Drew's history with Luke, it's possible she could make an appearance before hitting the big screen.

But what would set this movie apart? Why should you go and see two Avengers series? Well, the Secret Avengers could be a movie like Winter Soldier was, delving into espionage, intrigue and old-school fun. With it's strong female lineup and entertaining tone it would surely be great summer action flick!

Mighty Avengers:

Mighty Avengers
Mighty Avengers

Lineup: Luke Cage, Falcon, White Tiger, Ronin, Spectrum, Blue Marvel, She-Hulk, Power Man

Ok, ok last Avengers team I promise. But tell me this wouldn't be perfect. Question: what are two things Marvel movies, and superhero movies in general, have been missing? Answer: strong female superheroes and racial diversity. This team surely would be a fantastic and positive solution to that problem. Rather than simply throwing characters in for diversity's sake, this film could really be a forerunner in the superhero genre and provide those role models that previous superhero films have been missing.

First let's look at why this team would make an awesome movie. Sporting an extremely diverse power-set, ranging from the classic street brawling Luke Cage to the powerhouse Blue Marvel, this team has so many options for villains and actions sequences. Just imagine this: while Ronin and White Tiger are engaging enemies in skilled melee combat (like ninjas or martial artists of some kind), Blue Marvel and Spectrum could be smashing massive monsters and causing Man of Steel level destruction and She-Hulk and Luke could be doing some good old-fashioned street brawling. It be diversity on level even The Avengers movie couldn't accomplish, with such a wide variety of powers on one team. This team accomplishes what Marvel wants, in bridging it's street level, cosmic and supernatural heroes. What a story this could be!

Practically, this team would be fairly easy to introduce into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luke Cage will be getting his Netflix series, She-Hulk has a Hulk connection, and Falcon has already been in Winter Soldier. White Tiger and Power Man were also both featured in the animated series Ultimate Spider-man. This would not only be a fun story but also a fairly easy one to fit in, just drop Spidey. And who knows, maybe they could come it with some other clever na,e


All New Invaders
All New Invaders


Ok, this one is just asking to be made. We have Steve Rogers and Bucky, both of which are already in the MCU. We have the Original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, free of pesky licensing issues from Fox. We have Namor, admittedly a muntant, but one who could easily just be left as the King of Atlantis for licensing issues.

For those who don't know, the Invaders was a comic book written in the 70's about a superhero team who fought super-powered Nazis in WW2. Somewhat like the Avengers, the team featured shifting lineups and a strong variety of different powers.

With the Invaders we have options for an awesome movie. It could be set in World War 2, for a glimpse of these wartime heroes fighting Hydra and Hitler in a Golden Age style adventure. With some other classic characters like Human Torch's sidekick, Toro, the speedster, Spitfire, or British hero, Union Jack, this could really be a unique film. Or, it could be a modern story, complete with flashbacks to the War, about these old friends taking on threats like the newly surfaced Hydra threat in a more modern context.

Invaders #16
Invaders #16

Either way, this movie would offer something totally different from the superhero movie norms. A throwback to the Golden Age plus a gang's-back-together vibe could be just the breath of fresh air this genre needs. Everything about this team would make a totally unique, fun, action-packed adventure, one that who nicely fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, what do you guy's think? Would these teams make a great film or do you have other teams that what fit the bill better?


Which team do you think would make the best film?


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