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Number one: No LaBeouf

Now I was sketchy as to whether or not the movie would be good without LaBeouf, but honestly i'm glad he wasn't in it. Don't get me wrong, the first Transformers was freaking awesome, the 2nd was aight...but the 3rd left something to be desired, it wasn't the absence of the Foxy Fox, but it felt like LaBeouf's heart wasn't in it. Though the first 3 still had a certain kick ass factor, suffice it to say, Age of Extinction was better off not having LaBeouf this time.

Number two: Wahlberg

Now who doesn't enjoy an action movie with Mr. Wahlberg? He's an awesome actor with a great build to pull it off. Though he takes the place LaBeouf had in the franchise, he did an awesome job. Honestly i hope he gets to return for the 5th installation of the franchise to kick some more robot butt with that kick ass gun of his.

Number three: Who doesn't like big ass robots?!

I mean honestly, everyone loves robots!! I'm surprised they haven't made a Real Steel 2 yet. So when you get 2 and a half hours of nothing but robots with big cannons who can disguise themselves as the most awesome of cars or dinosaurs, what is there not to like?!?!!? New Autobots join, old decepticons return, it's great!!

Number four: Impressive special effects and hilarious one liners.

The Effects are awesome, and some of the one liners will have you on the floor holding your gut because you're laughing too hard. Explosions upon explosions and yet still has an awesome storyline with great comedy mixed in.

Number Five: Everyones favorite Autobot is back

The biggest reason of all, and no I'm not talking about Prime...I'm talking about BumbleBee, oh yeah....he's back..and he's pissed....but it's like a funny pissed. Still, i was super glad when BumbleBee appeared back on screen. He's back with his radio talking camero self.

If you haven't gone to see this one, you should, you know me, if i'm willing to see it more than once in theaters, it's worth seeing at least once, and i'm planning to go see it again, because once just wasn't enough :-).


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