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Brian A. Madrid (Mr. Fluffy)

Hello. My name is Brian A. Madrid. I am freelance film critic for two distributions companies, IFC Films and Cohen Film Collections. To be a DVD film critic, one has to grab the attention of those interested in using one's writing talent to promote a film. To start off, make a name for yourself by write about as many subjects. Begin by writing about events happening around a neighborhood or community. Learn to use good grammar as well as proofread your work. As you create your own style of writing, take on bigger assignments by promoting yourself to organizations or charitable events. The exposure will help meet possible connections for future events

With the help of Social Media, can one freely post intriguing and riveting articles. Look for popular websites that will give the best audience traffic. The more people see and read your articles the better chance they'll forward to others and generate a fan base. With a modest amount of subscribers and a daily amount of interesting posted articles, one can begin to knock on the doors of film distribution companies. Be enthusiastic about your style of writing, show the amount of readers on a monthly basis and express your film critic judgement will be based on the performance and story of the film.

In the end, film distributors will be more that happy to send promotional films on DVD/Blu-ray via mail in exchange for free promotional press. Some companies offer the opportunity to interview an actor/actress from the film. Depending one's style of writing, a critic's review can be two to three paragraphs long and includes hash mark and hyperlink. So remember, write well, write often and always promote the work.

That's my story and I am sticking to it. This is Brian A. Madrid reporting.


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