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Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman) stars in White Settlers, a movie that takes place over the course of one night. Ed and Sarah are giddy over spending the first night in their new farmhouse. Set in the Scottish countryside, this isolated farmhouse is not the escape from living in London that they were hoping for. As night sets in, it becomes clear that Ed and Sarah are not welcome in this house and they are most definitely not alone.

The pig masks, isolated house and one night time frame just smacks of You're Next. In fact, while we're on the topic, the isolated farmhouse, one night time frame and mysterious intruder is also very reminiscent of High Tension. The bit where Sara is dragging her ankle behind herself down an isolated road looks suspiciously similar to the climax of High Tension. All of this cattiness aside, the trailer looks promising and I am always a sucker for the "isolated house in the middle of nowhere" gimmick.

You can learn more about White Settlers at their website;


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