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Plot : Auto bots have secretly survived after the events of the previous film , Now they team up a with debt ridden mechanical engineer and a few others to stop the a organisation called Kinetic Solutions Incorporated (KSI) from misusing the ''Transformium'' the lifeblood of all transformers

Star Performances :

Its a cake-walk for Oscar Nominated actor Mark Wahlberg playing Cade Yeager, a single father and struggling Mechanical Engineer . For the rest of the others in the cast they pulled off average performance , and that is good enough as this is a machine centered film .

Technical aspects :-

As we always see in transformers films , technical aspects in the film were very good.The film was shot with Smaller versions of IMAX 3D Cameras to shot majority of the film While the Space Ship Scenes . A few minutes in the beginning of the second half and Dinobot scenes were predominantly shot with Red Dragon Digital Camera , This film is the very first in the world to make use of these cameras . VFX was in top notch and is also one of the highlights of the film . Editing is the major drawback in the film as the Length is 2 hrs 45 min . Since the plot is very thin , major scenes in the first half made the audiences to almost lose their patience due to screenplay and bad narration which were overlong , the 2nd half was good but its not enough to satisfy the audience who are heavily frustrated with the first half .

Story , Screenplay , Direction :-

[Transformers: Age of Extinction](movie:206531) is by far the worst film in Michael Bay's Direction career , Despite getting harsh feedback from major critics in the past for bad screenplay and more concentration on visuals he had managed to keep the film's screenplay engaging enough to satisfy the audience , But this time he has failed miserably .

Positive :-

The humor sense of the tiny transformer

Visuals shot with Red Dragon Digital camera


Negative :-

Irresponsible Editing

Poor Screenplay

Bad Narration

The Final Word : Transformers : the Age Of Extinction is a overlong film and is sure to dis-appoint even Transformers fans .


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