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With Disney's purchase of our favorite "Galaxy far, far away" they decided to ret-con the existing EU (Expanded Universe) out of canon. This was done for several reasons and while I understand them, I'm not sure if I like them. The EU was what brought me back to the Star Wars franchise in the first place.

As I reflected on these changes, I thought of all the deaths in the EU that made me emotional. So here it is my Top 5 EU deaths that deserve their own movie but will never get one.

5. Admiral Gilad Pellaeon

Gilad Pellaeon was a dedicated naval officer, serving for seven decades in the fleets of the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, Imperial Remnant, and Galactic Alliance, and rose to the position of supreme commander for the latter two governments. He had seen the Galactic Civil Wars from both sides.

When the Second GCW broke out he was serving as Head of State to the Imperial Remnant. When he refused to side with Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo) in stopping Admiral Niathal from trying to remove him from power, Caedus ordered his apprentice Tehiri Veila to assasinate him. This assassination brought about a return of Admiral Natasi Daala who would be instrumental in defeating Darth Caedus.

4. Anakin Solo

Named for his grandfather, Anakin Solo was the youngest of the Solo children. Because of his namesake he spent his early youth in fear of falling to the dark side.

As he grew in to a young man, Anakin would become a pivotal figure in the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong. He would first help Vau Rapuung start the Jeedai Heresy (which would eventually lead to the end of the war) and would later lead a jedi strike team the world of Myrkr, where the Vong had bio-engineered a jedi hunting beast called the Voxyn. This mission would prove to be his last as Anakin stayed behind in a Grashal to fight off as many Yuuzhan Vong as he could and give the rest of the team time to accomplish the mission. Tahiri, weeping, rejected him a last goodbye kiss, saying he'd have to return for it.

The loss of Anakin coupled with grief over not granting him that goodbye kiss is what allowed Tahiri to be manipulated by Jacen later.

3. Ton Phannan

I could do this myself but I think this excerpt from wookieepedia says it best.

"Ton Phanan was a doctor from Rudrig who joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Phanan was badly wounded while serving aboard a frigate at the Battle of Endor; allergic to bacta, he had to accept cybernetic replacement parts to survive. Phanan fell into a deep depression after this incident but used his strong sense of humor to present a cheery front to those around him. Phanan transferred to New Republic Starfighter Command, where he quickly joined Wraith Squadron.

Among the Wraiths, Phanan was assigned Garik Loran as a wingman. Kindred spirits, they quickly became mutual best friends, spreading their sense of humor throughout the unit. Phanan served with distinction in the commando squadron, aiding in the destruction of Admiral Apwar Trigit's forces, helping root out a black market ring aboard a training frigate, fighting as one of the Hawk-bat pirates in a deception designed to bring down Warlord Zsinj, and constantly raising morale. In a mission over Halmad, however, Phanan was shot down and grievously injured. When the other pilots had to evacuate, Loran stayed behind to rescue his friend. He recovered Phanan, but the doctor passed away as Loran tried to spirit him to safety. In his last hours, however, Phanan composed a message to Loran telling his best friend to exorcise his own personal demons as Phanan had never managed to, a lesson Loran took to heart."

2. Mara Jade Skywalker

As the Emperor's Hand, Mara Jade served to help eradicate the rebellion. However, after an encounter with Luke Skywalker, she would begin a slow transformation from servant of the dark side to eventually become a Jedi Master and Luke Skywalker's wife.

During the Vuuzahn Vong crisis she would become pregnant with her only child Ben. As a part of the lead up to the Second GCW Ben, as an apprentice to Jacen Solo, was being pushed towards the dark side. After learning of this incident Mara set out to stop Jacen from corrupting young Skywalker. They met on the planet Kavan after a brief space battle, where it wasn't a blow from a lightsaber that would claim her life, but rather a wrist fired poison dart. Since this death is set before the death of Pellaeon these two could be done in concert.

1. Chewbacca

I know what you're thinking "but this is now fixed with the ret-con right?" And I agree. But while this tragic and ultimately devastating death was resoundingly unpopular, it was necessary. Again Wookieepedia says it best:

"In 25 ABY, Chewbacca, Han Solo and his youngest son Anakin were sent by Lando Calrissian to pick up a shipment on Sernpidal. When they arrived, the Solos and Chewbacca met an old man, the former mayor of Sernpidal City, who informed them that Dobido was headed on a collision course with Sernpidal and that it was orbiting its host quickly, dropping closer to Sernpidal at regular intervals. While Chewbacca and Han began loading as many people as they could onto the Falcon, Anakin rushed off into Sernpidal City with the mayor in tow. Chewie and Solo managed to evacuate as many people as they could hold, managing to rescue thousands of Sernpidalians, using the Millennium Falcon and various other starships.

Anakin calculated Dobido would collide with Sernpidal in seven hours. This event, unbeknownst to them, was a result of the Yuuzhan Vong tactic, Yo'gand's Core. As the winds picked up, Anakin was knocked into the distance, causing Chewie to run after him. Chewie was able to bring Anakin to safety on the Falcon, but another blast of wind knocked him out of reach. Anakin piloted the Falcon, while his father stood on the entrance ramp hoping to lift Chewie up, but was forced to flee from Sernpidal when he realized it was too late to save Chewie. The Wookiee stood in the moon's trajectory, howling defiantly, and was crushed to death with those Sernpidalians who could not escape. His death drove Han to a resentment of his son Anakin. Han eventually recovered and forgave his son, but the death of his battle-brother and dearest companion would stick with him forever."

So what do you think? Sound off below.


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