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Collin Jones

This is another film that I'm really looking forward to. There are a few concerns that I have for the film. However, since seeing the trailer, I don't think that these concerns will totally destroy the film as a whole.

James Gunn is set to direct this feature, and this is one of the main concerns that I have. James Gunn is known as a screenwriter (and director), but the things that he has written is what concerns me. I know that he has written the story for the first two Scooby Doo films, and I don't know how to interpret that and plaster it to this film (GotG). I didn't like the films, and I didn't like the story that was behind them.

However, I shouldn't be judging Gunn's prior work with something that concerns Marvel. For the most part, I have really enjoyed Marvel films in recent years. I think that they have done a good job with the characters and choice of directors for the Marvel world, but I remain skeptical with this one.

After seeing the trailer though, my thoughts about this film have shifted from what I thought in the past. The graphics for the film look promising, and I just down right love the characters (despite what others may think).

Personally, the character that I like the best would have to be Groot. I just like the way he looks and the personality I imagine the character having. However, it is kind of weird that Vin Diesel is playing the character. That kind of changes the mindset that I had. Not a bad thing.

And, Bradley Cooper as Rocket is also going to be a trip. It is encouraging when there are actors that get involved in different movies that you would never think they would be involved in.

There is more to come concerning this film, but I don't think August 1 can come soon enough. I just hope the film is as great as I am expecting. Part of the reason is because I want James Gunn to have a killer film on his resume (not to say that he doesn't already. That is debatable).


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