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Laylla Azarbyjani

I am a huge Scorsese fan and really enjoy and love his films. This film was a bit different for me, compared to the other films I've seen.

I watched Taxi Driver for the first time and I didn't really feel anything while watching the film. As in I didn't feel engaged as I should of been. Now I know many of you think what the hell is she saying this films amazing. I just didn't feel what everybody else felt. And I felt that the film was very slow to get to the point at times.

We start out with Travis (Robert De Niro) who is a taxi driver and likes working long hours and works at nights. He sees a lot going on in the streets at night while he's working. He's interested in a women who works for a campaign he also notices a young girl Iris (Jodie Foster) who is a prostitute, he ends up helping her towards the end of the film. Martin Scorsese (Director) also made a cameo Appearance in the film. The reason why I have mentioned that it's slow at times is because the story was slow to start with and then changed pace and felt rushed towards the end.

The good points I really like about the film is the cinematography it's shot so brilliantly with amazing panning and tracking shots which is what makes a Scorsese film. Also the music selection was really good.

I am still going to recommend this film even though it was a different feel and experience for me. But if this film is one film which you haven't seen that Scorsese has directed then check it out. This is one of his early 2nd / 3rd features that he's done and is what has set off his career in filmmaking.


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