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So you consider yourself a cinephile, a student of film, a film lover, a director's groupie, film junkie, etc? Have you watched so many films your eyes bleed? Are you a film encyclopedia? Take a look at the shot and name the filmmaker. Let's see what you're made of!





















See the spoiler for answers...

If you get 0-1: TWEETER - "I don't have the attention span to watch a movie! What's a director do again?" - Do you even watch movies? Where's Michael Bay! Or, something about chick flicks!

If you get 2-4 - DATE NIGHTER - "It's Friday night, wanna go see what's playing?" - You've at least seen a couple movies. Movies to you mean date night. You like to go the movies on a Friday night or when it rains. Hey, at least, you didn't get zero!

If you get 5 - RENAISSANCE MAN (OR WOMAN) - "Yeah, I know a thing or too about movies. I also know a lot of other things, too!" - Not bad! You can probably hold your own in a film geek conversation. Well, at least, you can nod your head a lot and halfway understand what people are talking about.

If you get 6 -7 - TRAILER PARKER - "Have you seen the new trailer online? No? What's wrong with you!" - Wow! You know your stuff! At this point in your journey for film knowledge you are probably considering joining a filmmaker's fan club. You also tell yourself on a daily basis you need to watch more foreign films. You also catch the newest trailer online before anyone else.

If you get 8 - 9 - FILM GEEK - "You haven't seen that movie before? I'm not surprised. You like Vin Diesel." - You lead the conversations, don't you! I am truly impress! Consider yourself film geek. I know you prefer the dim lights of the movie theater to daylight. Admit it, you watch movies during the day. And, your not really interested in talking to fans of Vin Diesel or chick flicks.

If you get a 10 - CINEPHILE - "You call that a quiz?" - You are a true cinephile! And, you are pissed I didn't include Kurosawa, or Bertolucci, or Bergman, or Welles, or some director I haven't even heard of! You wander around by yourself all day thinking about films, making films, or thinking about making films, and when you aren't doing that your watching films.

What did you score?

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1. Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo (1958)

2. Wes Anderson - Bottle Rocket (1996)

3. Hal Ashby - The Last Detail (1973)

4. Francis Ford Coppola - The Outsiders (1983)

5. Roman Polanski - Knife In The Water (1967)

6. Martin Scorsese - Gangs of New York (2002)

7. Oliver Stone - U-turn (1997)

8. Paul Thomas Anderson - Hard Eight (1996)

9. Steven Spielberg - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

10. George Lucas - THX 1138 (1971)


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