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Are you a chick? Hey, now who are you calling chick! Excuse, me...umm, Mam... Are you sick of your boyfriend or husband forcing you to sit through boring, gross, war movies. Eww, blood! Well, lucky for you I've compiled five of the best war movies for chicks! So, next time your boy-toy or hubby refuses to watch a chick flick. Trick him into watching one of these movies instead. I guarantee you'll like it! And, I should I know. I'm a guy who has forced myself to watch hundreds of chick flicks (but, don't be fooled... I drink a beer while doing it).

Without further ado, here are 5 war movies for chicks!


The English Patient is what you chicks call a timeless, love story and there is lots of war so there is plenty for him, too. All is fair in love and war, right? If you saw it in the 90's then watch it again. If you have never seen it then watch it because I say so...and make your boytoy watch it, too. Look, this movie won like 300 Academy Awards (and if that doesn't mean anything to the man-child that you're in a relationship with, and let's face it, it probably doesn't) then just tell him there are boobs in it (I can't remember if there are) and if there aren't any and he complains...he won't because he running away with tear in his eyes. He won't want you to see him cry. Because he is so manly.


Ladies, I have to admit. This one might be a tough sell. When you ask him watch it he will probably babble on about how he was forced to read this book in school. And, even at the time he knew that this was an important book but he still didn't want to read it. When you ask him again he might claim he has already seen it in class, you probably did too. He is a tough nut to crack and you are going to have to guilt him into watching it again. It's a tough movie to watch. But, watch it again, and this time, pay attention to the scene in which the Frank family is about to be discovered by the Nazis. It doesn't get more emotional or suspenseful then that. Is this necessarily a chick flick? Probably not...but it was written by a girl. You girls love your diaries!


This one might be your easiest sell. Just say, "Hey, you want to watch a movie with Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage?". He'll come out of his man cave scratching his belly asking, "Wuh? What movie is that?" To which you reply, "Oh, it's just a little War World II movie I heard about?" Then, before he knows it. BAM! He been suckered into watching a chick flick! Win for you!

You're probably curious about it yourself. I came across it a couple of years ago and wondered how the hell I had never heard of it. I really love this movie. It took me mulitple viewings before I finally admitted to myself that, at it's core, this film is very much a chick flick. It takes place in 1943 and Sean and Nic are like many other American boys ready to go off and fight in the war...Sean meets Elizabeth...and the movie. It's great. I highly recommend it if you liked "The Notebook".

2. NOTORIOUS (1946)

I am a huge, huge, huge Alfred Hitchcock fan. I think his films are the reason I even like movies to begin with. Few directors have been able to blend art and commerce so nicely. The Birds is one of my all-time favorite films...why might you ask?...well, one reason is that it really isn't about birds...there are birds attacking people...but...I'm getting off topic. This film is one of Hitchcock's best and at it's heart it is a "falling in love story" with many chick flick elements...the relationship between Grant and Bergman to say the, there are Nazis...look out for the tell me what it is. It's a classic film that you both can enjoy!


And, you thought the first movie about Pearl Harbor starred Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. Well, guess again. This is a great, great, movie that starred 50's dreamboats Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, and Frank Sinatra. You're granny was crushing hard on these boys. It even garnered Frankie Sinatra an Academy Award. You've probably seen part of it know the black and white scene with the couple rolling around on the beach at the watersedge... well, its from this movie. I've seen it numerous times...and I even read the book I liked the movie so much. This is a must see...for you and your boyfriend.

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