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Americans love their violence, their horror, their gore. On the flip side the American market can get pretty squeamish when it comes to sexuality, or at least its publication. Hence the recent censorship of the controversial [Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For](movie:1374) posters which featured Eva Green in all her curvy glory.

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When that happened some decried it hypocritical that violence in posters and ads wasn't placed under the same microscope as sexuality. Well, it looks like the critics got their wish as a recent uproar over FX's latest marketing push for Guillermo del Toro's [The Strain](series:936019) has forced the studio to remove outdoor marketing for the upcoming show.

Here's the billboard the controversy sprouted from (pun intended):

And here's the original poster that wormed its way onto the internet a few months back. ...I can do this all day.

Visine's latest ad-campaign didn't go over well...
Visine's latest ad-campaign didn't go over well...

Is this violent, jarring image pretty gross? Absolutely. Did FX cross the line putting these billboards up in LA? Well, these people certainly seem to think so:

I hope that wasn't too much of an eyesore for you, because there's more!

BuzzFeed broke the news, which also elicited a response from the studio assuring them that the network is "in the process of replacing the key art for The Strain on outdoor media in several locations."

I'm not sure what "several locations" would include, as it seems the billboards are all over Los Angeles and New York right now, but here's hoping it'll be enough to appease any grieved parties as well as help get the word out for del Toro's latest effort.

Of more immediate concern to me is what you guys think of all of this. Do you believe the poster is too graphic and the vocal parties are justified in their concerns, or are their complaints without merit? Should the billboards stand tall as a beacon of hope, reminding rush hour traffic that things could always be worse: you could have a worm in your eye! Or should the billboards be torn asunder and tossed in the trash, right next to Eva Green's huge tracts of land?

Goodbye Eva...
Goodbye Eva...

Let me know in the comments below! all opinions are respected, and engaging discussion is half-the-fun. So, chime in!

The Strain airs on Sunday, July 13, at 10 pm on FX.

Source: BuzzFeed


Burn it at the stake? "Yea" or "Nay?"


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