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Altogether there has been five X-men movies. Based on the Marvel comic books, some say Marvel wouldn't be the success it is today without the X-Men movie in 2000. It has since then spawned four sequels and two spin-off's in the form of x-men origins: wolverine and the wolverine and they are still going strong with X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016. Here I will rank the X-Men movies and the spin-off's from worst to best and look at the highs and lows of X-Men.


Who is your favourite X-Men movie character?


Which film is your best X-Men movie?

X-men Origins: Wolverine

With the success of the flounder of X-Men: The Last Stand (in box office) the guys at Marvel Studio's thought that to revive the series, they should tell the origins story of Wolverine. But this film did exactly the opposite and made the situation worse, a hit and miss movie by all accounts. What made this movie the worst on this list is the factors which effect me, while I actually thought that this movie wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, it just was my least favourite. Okay, the point I am about to make has been said by probably everyone who ever caught a glimpse of this movie and the disappointment by millions of this character: Deadpool. Firstly he was just Ryan Reynolds with a vest top on and a sword, which ultimately made me think that they had blown their chance to make Deadpool come to life on the big screen in live-action, but then later on in the film, they made it much worse. A bald man with black marks over his body with a sewed mouth! This appearance was completely different to what people expected and was hoping for and he was a disaster, they tried to make it realistic but it didn't work. I can't judge a whole movie on just one character, the point which dragged this movie down was the Wolverine/Sabretooth storyline. I thought this was a excuse to make an origins story because if you watch X-Men (2000), they just fight when wolverine is with Rouge and at the statue of liberty and you can tell there is no history, as no emotional thoughts show up on the wolverines face and he doesn't say anything to show that he knows this guy, i mean he killed his wife! he would be more angry than this and he only says we meet again at the statue of liberty at the end because they fought the first time in the snow! so they only came up with the storyline so it is relevant to a wolverine story and it is not believable that these guys are sworn enemies in the series.


Yes I know, I have put both spin-off's as the worst X-Men movies, but I actually really liked this movie, the only reason this is second from last is because all the rest are awesome! The action is really fast paced, the relationship between Wolverine and Okio is really believable, Hugh Jackman is on top form as he shows the angry and the softer side of wolverine perfectly. the setting of Japan is a good idea as it shows the different areas marvel can reach in their films and the depth of the wolverine as he deals with every problem thrown at him. The beginning scene with Wolverine saving the future Silver Samurai from the bomb with his body and the well opens it up with a bang. But that is where the film drops down in the list, the Silver Samurai. he is quite disappointing as he is such an important character in the comics and it seems quite a stupid reason to become a villain and the screen time is very limited, so it is more character growth than action altogether. Add on top of all of this a very predictable ending (I knew who the Silver Samurai was very early on) but i didn't know he would lose his adamantium claws.

X-Men (2000)

Most people would disagree with my decision but I this is my one of the least faves of all of the X-men movies. Yes, it did start them all off and yes this was marvel's first good movie, but in my opinion it doesn't compare to the rest. I know that this can't bring down the whole movie but the picture is just not as good as i think superhero movies should look. Hugh Jackman's performance though was really good and most-people thought that he wasn't going to be as good as the comics, but he delivered really well. all the rest of the cast was really good as well and it made the movie succeed in many ways. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, were some of the all-star cast and that was a good factor to most of the X-Men movies. The action was really fun for back then, character portrayals were at a high, the villains were really good and you could really feel the anger within magneto. It was overall very comic-like and I like it for bringing the much-loved series to the big screen.

X-Men: X-Men United

Yes, I am doing this, I actually think the proper X-Men movies get better as they go along in terms of what I like best. Still a thrilling film to watch, it's great as we see Logan cope with the mystery of his past and his attempts to get Jean grey of Cyclops, the relationship is great and it really makes the film entertaining to watch. Nightcrawler is great in it as the scared mutant and I wish he had more screen time. The fighting scenes were great.

X-Men: First Class

This was the real movie to revive the franchise. the relationship between the characters worked really well like: Charles and Raven, Eric and Charles, Hank and Raven were all played really well and it really showed how these characters came to be. However, this film is more about character development and less about action and fighting, but at least the X-Men films have covered all areas. the battle scene at the end shapes the whole movie around as injuries occur (Charles gets paralysed), betrayals take place (Eric leaves Charles, Mystique leaves Charles) and events make history (they stop World War 3), but the thing which steals the movie is Michael Fassbender's performance as the young Magneto. It shows how he goes through turmoil as his mother gets shot, grows into an angry mutant as he sets to kill humans, gets support in the form of the young Professor X and finally leaves Professor X.

X-men: The Last Stand

Most people hate this movie and think it is one of the worst superhero movies ever. I personally don't see what is wrong with it, actually I love it and that is why it is my second best X-Men movie. It is bigger and better than x1 and x2, with more characters being introduced and a good storyline with the cure for being a mutant and the X-Men's thoughts against it really add depth to the story. The brotherhood of evil mutants has a lot of great new characters like the juggernaut and the problem with Jean Grey being the Dark Phoenix and the death of Cyclops make this movie really interesting and fun to watch. The battle at the end is great and shows all the action in it and good sequences. The final of the X-Men is dramatic and is a really good way to end it.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

My best X-Men Movie! The opening scene where you see the distopian future and hear the old professor x is a great way to start the movie and cinematic, the sentinels were a worthy enemy and the past is really good to watch. The two set of actors are together so it makes the movie very great in actors and it has a all-star cast. The action was really filled into the movie and was hard to keep up. The use of Mystique is amazing and she is the main focus in this film as it is her decision which determines the future. It is not the best movie ever, as it has a few things that are baffling. For example: near the end the story was really hard to keep up with and before you could process what had happened beforehand, another piece was thrown at you. The humor also seems to be crammed into one point as Quicksilver and Wolverine provide the laughs in the middle and it would be great if it was spread more evenly around the film. In my case it is the best X-Men movie so far and I look forward to X-Men: Apocalypse to see if it can top this one and see if it is a hit or miss.


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