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I am 17 years old and a huge film buff. I love Benedict Cumberbatch. My favourite genres are fantasy, action and horror. I love X-Men.
Leigh Jones

Where to begin about the powerfully influencing Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, this is my story. A story about a perfect man who popped into my life unexpectedly. I saw him in a little appearance he made in The Other Boleyn Girl. I had never seen him before and when I did at that moment I thought, "wow he is cute", after that, I hadn't seen him in any other films but I caught a glimpse of Sherlock, a TV show my brother was going on about, saying how I should watch it, but at the time I wasn't interested. I noticed the series box set was out for cheap in Sainsbury's, so I thought "well, I will buy it and see what is it like". I instantly fell in love with the show! I questioned why I hadn't watched it when it aired. It was just like the old, original stories I grew up with when I was a child. I was so amazed about how he played Sherlock Holmes, then I viewed his other works and loved how he completely pulled apart each and every single role he played. He will always have a huge place in my heart. All I need is for Benedict to keep being who he is and never change for anyone. If he believes he needs to change, then he is a fool. He makes me happy every day and his personality defines who he is, I see a picture of him and I ignite inside. Must be the Batch effect.

I also heard he loves to read, anyone who enjoys the company of a book is intelligent and open minded to me. He studied in my home town, Manchester University to be exact, which coincidentally happens to be 40 minutes from my house and 10 minutes from the college I attend, Loreto Sixth Form College. To me he is perfection, despite his obligations otherwise. Portraying himself as "imperfect" also, the details of how he calls himself "ridiculously named". This is the cruelest thing I have ever heard come out of the Batch's mouth. I watch his interviews and guest appearances, talking of Star Trek and a new series of Sherlock and I just love his spontaneous and hilarious character! He is so charming and adoring to his fans, he deserves the love they give and he deserves happiness. His parents also, they are so quirky and beautiful inside and out, they are a lovely Cumberbatch family.

His performance in Third Star made me weep like a child, he has such a huge effect on my life and I can not even believe or bare to think about what my life would be without him. He gives me so much hope and inspiration in achieving my dreams. He makes me wonder what I am doing with my life, he makes me think back to how I have allowed people to make me feel bad about myself and pulled me back, all because they don't like who I am. But, truthfully, if Benedict likes who I am, then that's all I need to keep going. I have decided to be a journalist, so I can hopefully one day meet Benedict and interview him. I would love to know him. I will never interrogate, humiliate or judge him. I want him to have faith in me and in what I can do. To have so much going on in your life and always having a huge smile on your face, to be happy, must be the hardest thing to do. To smile through the pain and ignore the negative struggles, is the bravest thing ever. He is polite, generous and amazing. I guess this also represents how sad he is. You know what they say, the people who are happiest on the outside, are the most sad on the inside. But every single person on this Earth, has flaws. Benedict should never let "flaws" get in the way of him being happy. To me, Benedict is not just an "actor", he is so much more than that and yes I saw him in a film and if I hadn't, I wouldn't even know who he is but he has saved my life more than he understands and in ways he can't think of.

If it wasn't for people like Benedict Cumberbatch, I would be scarred, battered and I wouldn't be going anywhere in life. Call me a liar if you want. This isn't an assessment or a cheesy story, these are my true feelings. He makes me smile even when I don't want to. He has a fantastic relationship with other actors and it is so easy to get along with him and the thing that really attracts me to Benedict, is the fact that he is not afraid to be who he is and to make a fool of himself, he is not afraid to joke around and do everything in his power to cheer someone up. He doesn't realise how much he has changed people's lives. He doesn't realise how much he has changed my life. We all love and adore him, not due to Sherlock, but due to who he is. He is like a role model to me. I never stop talking about Benedict and I never will. Anyone who knows Benedict Cumberbatch, is incredibly lucky, every fan who has ever met him at Sherlock Con, Comic Con or just at Setlock, are to me, the luckiest people in the world. I hope to be one of those people one day. I have a thousand things to say, but then again, even words can't match my feelings. I hope I get to meet Benedict. I hope to see his gorgeous face. I have heard so many things about him and how nice he is in person, so I would love to see for myself. I love Benedict. Always will.


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