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Frankenstein oh how i love thee!! I am a huge fan when it comes to classic and cult horrors. And i really enjoy the story of Frankenstein.

So i watched this film today not knowing that this film is the sequel to Frankenstein (1931) and that this film was based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Even though I've also seen Mary Shelley's - Frankenstein (1994). I know it's kinda confusing with so many adaptations.

Moving on to the story, at the beginning of this film we have a prologue with a lady playing Mary Shelley telling her story to two men. The film fades to black and shows us a group of town people. All the way at the bottom of the hill Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) is lurking. Frankenstein was created by Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) from the first film. He thought that the monster was dead. Another Doctor called Dr.Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger) comes to Henry Frankenstein's house and threatens him if he doesn't help with a new idea him and the monster 'Frankenstein' have discussed in order to create him a friend. They create the monster a lady friend and she is known as the 'Bride of Frankenstein'.

  Frankenstein learns to speak from a friend.
Frankenstein learns to speak from a friend.

I actually watched this interesting video which explains in more detail about all this confusion with the Frankenstein's adaptations. Check it out below.

If you've not seen the original Frankenstein films i highly recommend this film a watch and it's not so long to watch either, very enjoyable and shows us more about the original story and how it's developed over the years also not forgetting to watch the first film Frankenstein (1931).

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