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Sandra Burt

Directed by: Robert Stromberg

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning

My rating: 7.5/10

[Maleficent](movie:39352) was probably one of the scariest Disney movie's I have ever seen. Of course not to me but for a "kids" My five year old sister was complaining that it was scary and she watched Evil Dead with me.

I liked this movie a lot for many reasons. Namely because it isn't that Maleficent is really all that evil in fact she grows to love Aurora. And in the original sleeping beauty you are lead to believe that she is all evil. So I liked that part of it and the fact that you get to discover why she puts the curse on the baby in the first place. I also like that you get to see where maleficent came from.

No she does not live on a tall black rock with green swirls around it. And have done it once again with the love doesn't always come from prince charming but it can come from literally anything. I am loving this whole Disney phase of "you don't need no man". It's wonderful and empowering for children. But with every good movie I feel the need to be an asshole and still find a way to critique it. So here we go.

I was very upset that there was no awesome dragon fight scene. Don't get me wrong I love to watch tree's fight and all and I love watching Angelina twirl and kick in a tight black body suit (which made me cover my 5 year old sister's eyes) but seriously I know this is Disney but the cartoon had better action than this!

Second thing was I hated the fairies in this. I don't know if it was because Umbridge is back from the Harry Potter movies or if it was because they really didn't seem to care about the princess but I could not stand them. I don't think I would have been upset if they had left them out. I mean the way that they were raising the kid she would have been better off without them. But in a general conclusion I thought Disney did a good job with showing the "villain's" side of things. I would defiantly recommend seeing Disney's new version of a horror movie.


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