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*WARNING: SPOILERS* Last week, Predator fans, such as myself, learned that the classic franchise was getting another installment in the series, and I couldn't be more excited! With [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) director, Shane Black, to write and direct a sequel to the popular sci-fi, action thriller, how can it lose? It will lose, to me personally, if Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't reprise his role.

In the original 1987 classic, Schwarzenegger starred as Dutch, a commando sent deep into the jungle with his team of all-around bad-asses, only to find that they're not the only things out there. A shape is following them in the trees, stalking them and slaughtering them without getting so much as a scratch, until Dutch is the only one left to fight this predatory alien by himself.

Though it looks like quite the one-sided battle, Dutch's creativity mixed with his brutality wins him the match. After the success of the first film, Schwarzenegger denied a role in the sequel, which instead followed Danny Glover as Lieutenant Harrigan of the LAPD, who finds another alien in the city and tries to stop it.

The sequel wasn't too bad, but I definitely missed Arnie. After Robert Rodriguez's reboot, Predators (2010), was released, and Schwarzenegger wasn't a governor anymore, he stated that one day, he might be willing to return to the franchise. Can that day please be today?

As we all know, Schwarzenegger isn't above being in sequels to his most beloved movies, as he is starring in the fifth installment in the Terminator series, [Terminator: Genesis](movie:34872). Here's my two things that would make a new Predator movie great because he's in it:

1. He has experience fighting the Predators

Oh, I am so screwed...
Oh, I am so screwed...

As it's been revealed, the next film will be a sequel, not a reboot, so shouldn't that dictate that they use an actor from a previous film? No offense to Danny Glover and Adrien Brody, but Arnie was the best! As Dutch has already gone head-to-head against one of the Predators, having him on the team would lend firsthand knowledge of their tactics and of the weapons at their disposal. He found a way to counter their infrared vision, a way to destroy their camouflage, and set up traps for it, with only nature and a few supplies at his disposal. This is not to say that Glover and Brody didn't do well on their own, in fact I wouldn't be against cameo appearances by either of them, but I'd love nothing more than to see Schwarzenegger go up against more Predators.

2. The fight would be epic!

Could they bring back his mud-camo?
Could they bring back his mud-camo?

I know that my absolute favorite part in the original was when Arnie covered himself in mud, gathered all of his supplies together, and faced this thing head-on! Although he's much older now, Arnie's recent roles in films like The Expendables series and The Last Stand (2013) have proved that he's not slowing down for anything or anyone, so I'm sure he'd be up for the physical work this film would require. Another thing that would make a rematch legendary would be today's CGI effects. Obviously, in the 80's, special effects hardly extended beyond rigged explosions, some light effects, and maybe some computer generated imagery that looked terrible. Of course I still love those movies, but imagine another Schwarzenegger-Predator battle with today's effects, adding an incredible look to the incredible fight.

Those are my reasons why he should be involved, but who else should complete the cast of characters? With the rest of Dutch's team dead, there isn't room for cameos from the original film, so who can fill out the other people that are charged to kill the Predators?

Would anyone be against Adrien Brody returning?

Playing the main character in the 2010 reboot, Predators, Brody was a mercenary who was trapped on a planet specifically used by the Predators to hunt the best warriors of every world. Facing off against many of them, the film ends with Brody and Alice Braga's character looking for a way off that planet and back to Earth. Personally, I'd love to see Brody return. I really liked his character and the story of Robert Rodriguez's film, even though I didn't care for it much as a whole. Brody could possibly make it back to Earth and then, some years later, be recruited to fight against these things under Dutch's command.

[Predators 2](movie:660766) currently has no release date or pertinent information, other than Shane Black being involved. Who would you like to see return? Any new faces you'd specifically like in a Predator movie? Share your opinions in the comments!


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